The 10 Simple Habits That Can Make Your Day Healthier

When getting healthy, we often think we need to go “cold turkey”. We dump bad habits like a bad date and expect the new ones to stick. But, cultivating healthy habits is actually easier to do little-by-little. Check out these 10 simple healthy habits you can build into your day quickly and easily. Your body will thank you for it — and so will your schedule. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re a busy bee. What does that mean? It means you don’t always have time to build and stick to an elaborate health overhaul. So, simply use these great and simple tips to transform your life and your health. In no time at all!


Tweaking your morning routine is a great way to get healthy, and it doesn’t take much at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pre-dawn riser or a “just-before-noon” kind of a gal…anyone can conquer these easy changes.

Start the Day With Water

You may not realize this, but when you wake up in the morning you’re already on your way to dehydrated. Our bodies use up a lot of water while we sleep, tending to all the nighttime processes. That means that, when we wake up, we’re already low on the aquatic fuel we need for energy and a productive day. Starting your morning with a big ol’ glass of water is a great way to counter that dehydration and get your day started with more energy and gusto. Even better? A big glass of water in the morning is a great way to speed up your metabolism and help with weight-loss! Hate water? Try adding a little lemon, lime or cucumber for an extra flavor kick.

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Take Your Coffee Black

I can hear the groans already.

It’s not easy to part with sugar, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Cutting back on those extra spoonfuls of sugar or creamer is a great way to cut the calories and get more of a boost from your caffeine kick. Don’t do it all at once, though. Cut back little by little and see if you can’t work your way up to that black bullet especial.


Give Dry Brushing A Try

Dry brushing is one that I’ve only recently picked up, but it’s a great and simple way to “healthy-up” your day.

This health trend is rumored to boost circulation, remove dead skin cells and jump starts your body’s ability to detox effectively. It only takes a few minutes, and is perfect to add before your morning shower routine.

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Throughout The Day

The tricks don’t end at tweaking your morning routine. There are actually a few great things you can do throughout the day to give your schedule the healthy little boost it needs.

Park a Little Further Away

Parking a little further away is one of my favorite tricks to giving your day a healthy kick. Not only is it one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s one of the easiest as well and can really pack some incredible benefits over time.

Instead of picking that spot right up front, pick a spot in the back row. Not only are you giving yourself a few more minutes of freedom to savor, but you’re also giving your body (a bit) more of a work out. It only adds an extra minutes or two to your arrival time, but it allows you to get some fresh air and get that blood flowing. That, in turn, will increase your productivity and energy levels while your slog away at that desk.

The 10 Simple Habits That Can Make Your Day Healthier

Water, Water, Water

Wait…didn’t we just have the water discussion? Correct! That’s how important watching your water intake is.

If you want to build a healthier lifestyle, drinking more water is key. (Not to mention it’s one of the easiest ways to boost your health). Keep your energy levels up by adding an extra glass or two of water throughout the day. Even better? Invest in a water bottle that you can keep beside you or on the desk. A one liter bottle works best, and you should aim to refill it 2x each day.


Make a Workout Schedule

You didn’t think you were going to get out of this one, did you?

Exercise is a vital part of any healthy routine. What type of exercise is totally up to you, however. It doesn’t matter if it’s a daily run or a weekly spin class. Schedule time to get that blood pumping and those muscles working. Don’t try and just work in exercise whenever you can. Make a schedule and pencil your workouts in at regular times. This will not only get you healthier, but it will make you more likely to stick to the routine.

Take a Walk At Lunch

If you’re simply too busy to build in a workout routine, then try taking a walk at lunchtime. Bring a pair of good walking shoes with you to work and get outside during that hour-long lunch break. It doesn’t have to be a grueling walk. It doesn’t even have to be that far. What’s important is getting up and getting that blood pumping. Not only will it help you burn extra calories, but it will also help you focus on the rest of the day and give your brain a little bit of a break.

Smoothie Snacks

Don’t give into those junk food cravings throughout your day. Instead, why not try snacking on smoothies?

By swapping that processed sugars for natural sugars, vitamins and minerals, you can give your energy levels and great boost and bring down your calorie intake — all at the same time! Consuming those extra greens are great for a healthy routine and the recipe combinations are absolutely endless. There’s a flavor for every taste.


Evening Routine

So you’ve hydrated your morning routine and you have that mid-day walk down. What about your evening routine? With just a few more simple tricks, you can be on your way to your healthiest life ever.

Make a Meal Plan

Coming home from a long day of work can leave you feeling drained and lethargic. Feeling that tired makes it easier for us to make excuses and slip up in our evening eating habits.


Sit down and create a simple meal plan that allows for those days when you just can’t be bothered cooking a huge meal. Plan out what ingredients you will need and write down a list of meals that you can make each night of the week. The trick here is being honest and keeping it simple. This will save you time, eliminate stress and help you stay on track with your fitness and health goals.

Get a Bit More Sleep

Going to bed a little earlier is one of the easiest ways to boost your health and energy levels.

Instead of staying up to binge watch that new season of your favorite show on Netflix, pencil in time at the weekend and go to bed now. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest saboteurs of our health and well-being. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you aren’t giving your body time to recover and repair for the day ahead. Having adequate sleep will boost your energy, your immune system, your productivity and just about everything in between.

The 10 Simple Habits That Can Make Your Day Healthier


And with those 10 simple hacks, you can start living a healthier life. By drinking more water, taking more walks, getting more sleep and investing in a little planning time, your life (and your health) can be entirely transformed. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get healthy…the easy way!

 What are your favorite tricks to staying healthy? Let me know in the replies below or on Facebook and Twitter!

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