The Simple Steps That Can Help You Make the Most of Your Day

The Simple Steps That Can Help You Make the Most of Your Day

Our lives are a nothing more than large swathe of days one right after the other. The sun rises. The sun sets. The moon rolls through its phases. In the end, our lives are determined by how we spend each day. But how do you make the most of each one? 

Unfortunately, a lot of our days are simply “survived”. We go through the motions, getting through as best as we can with little to no real inclusion or innovation. We waste our days by not living intentionally. And they go by faster than we think.

Over the past few years, I have changed how I spend my days. Instead of living unintentionally, I have begun to view each day as a gift. By reaching out to each day, and embracing it for all its beauties and challenges, I have discovered 10 simple ways to make the most out of every day…and it’s transformed my life!

So, without further ado, here are my 10 simple steps to making the most and getting the most out of each day:

1. Get Up Earlier

Having a morning routine and getting out of bed before you have to are great ways to embrace the day. Mornings are a peaceful and quiet time (a rare thing these days) and are one of the most productive parts of the day. If you struggle with getting up early, or are always tired, try shifting your bedtime habits.

Spend your mornings doing the things you  don’t have time to do throughout the day. Like: working out, meditating, journalling, planning for the day, etc.

2. Eat Better

We don’t often think about our diet choices when it comes to making the most of our day, but it’s vitally important that we do. Food is fuel. That’s not a surprise to anyone. What you put into your body will directly reflect what you get out of it.

If feeling sluggish or tired is preventing you from making the most out of your day, trying adjusting your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables give us that special kick of energy that we need to really go out there and conquer our days. Shakes and smoothies are also a great way to get that boost you need to get on with it.


I can’t say this enough: exercise is key to a happy, more productive and fulfilling life.

I’m not saying you have to get out there and run a marathon every week, but multiple studies have proven that exercise not only leads to a better physical form, but a better mental one as well. Get that blood pumping and those muscles working. By doing so, you’re stimulating not only your muscles, but your mind too. This makes you look better, feel better and makes you more resilient to stress.

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4. Tackle One Big Task Each Day

Tackling one big thing each day makes us more confident and productive. It’s a huge confidence boost when you tackle that task no one else can, or when you complete that project you’ve been dreading.

We all have to-do lists and most of them are longer than we can manage. So pick out one big thing and tackle it. Smile as you mark it off the list and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. You deserve it.

5. Do One Thing That You Love

Just like it feels good to tackle one big thing you’re dreading, it feels even better to do 1 thing you love.

Do one thing that you love each day — no matter what. When making that to-do list make sure you include time for at least one hobby or past time that you enjoy. This can be anything. Reading, writing, journalling, dancing, jogging…anything!

Having something to look forward to in the day is vital to seizing it. How can you make the most out of your day if you’re just trudging through it?

6. Rest, Rest, Rest

We really push ourselves to the limits in this modern world. It seems like no matter what you do, there is always something or someone asking for more of your time.

It’s important that we remember to rest EACH DAY. I’m not talking just about sleep. I’m talking about taking appropriate breaks throughout the day to give your body time to relax and remove itself for a short time. This allows you to feel better and have a clearer mind to deal with throughout the rest of the day.

Of course, this also means to make sure you’re getting enough sleep each evening. Your bedtime habits set the tone for your days. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest so you aren’t starting your day groggy, grumpy or drained.

7. Be Present

Wow. This one is a biggie.

Put away the distractions and be present in your day. Good. Bad. It doesn’t matter. Live life confidently and with your eyes and heart wide open. Feel the ups and downs of the day and don’t be afraid to confront them bravely and honestly.

We float through life frequently, but this isn’t living. If you want to make the most out of your day, you need to be present in life and with those around you. Listen with your heart wide open. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. Connect with this life each and every day.

8. Give Something

Life isn’t just about taking. If you want to get the most out of your day, try giving.

Your full joy will never be realized as long as you live a selfish existence. The greatest periods of joy we will ever experience in life come in the moments when we are giving or living for someone else. Invest some small piece of your live in someone else each day. Mentor a child. Help out a co-worker. Donate to that charity. Or, just call up an old friend and lend a compassionate ear.

9. Feed Your Soul

Don’t just live for work. For money. For things. Nurture your soul.

Our lives are more than just the physical that surrounds us. Our lives are more than just the fleshy needs and wants of our bodies. Nourish your soul by pursuing the ideals of love, compassion, charity, gratitude, laughter hope and faith — each and every day.

10. Don’t Forget to Reset

Every day isn’t going to be a good day. No matter how compassionately we live or how much we plan, life is going to throw us some curveballs.

Remember to reset at the end of each day and let go of those kinks that get thrown in our path. Let go of the things that you cannot control or change and focus on the things you can. Begin each day with a clean slate. Best way to do this? Practicing mindfulness, journalling and nightly or morning meditation.


These are just the 10 ways I have discovered to embrace my day and really make the most out of it. There’s a million different ways you can make the most out of YOUR day. However, by living a more present, mindful and conscientious life, you can boost your overall productivity and really start living openly and honestly.

 What is your favorite way to embrace the day? Let me know in the replies below!

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