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10 Tips for Living in Small Spaces

Not everyone can enjoy the charm and luxury of large and airy living space. If you’re looking for the perfect way to maximize your moderate living quarters, check out this list of the 10 best tips for living in small spaces. 

1. Trade that massive fridge for an under-the-counter model…

To an American, that might sound a bit absurd, but this is a great way to save on kitchen and dining space ( a must in small quarters). It’s more room than you think and a great way to not only save on space, but to also reduce waste and consume less electricity.

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2. Out with the doors, in with the curtains…

If you’re living in a smaller space, doors can become more cumbersome than anything. Remove closet doors and doors between common rooms, replacing them, instead, with curtains or drapes. This will give the room an airier and more open feeling, creating the illusion of more space.

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3. Clean your windows often…

Dirty windows will go a long way to reducing light in your living spaces, therefore reducing (even further) the illusion of space. Make sure you clean your windows once a month or more to keep them sparkling bright year round.

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4. Go digital…

Don’t let your CDs take up a ton of space. Switch to digital, or keep your CDs in easy-to-access CD folios like this one.



5. Lightbulbs CAN make the difference…

Use full spectrum lightbulbs to add a bit more life and vitality to your surroundings.

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6. Invest in a good vacuum…

Clutter of any type, especially dirty floor clutter does a lot to instantly reduce the feeling of space in a room. What’s more, it’s even easier for small rooms to become quickly cluttered. Invest in a really good small vacuum. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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7. Install closet lighting…

Adding some light to your closets and storage space is a great way to help keep you organized and give the illusion of space. It’s now easier than ever to do, with motion sense lighting becoming more affordable than ever before.

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8. Use track lighting to further the illusion…

Track lighting is a great way to free up floor space and create the illusion of expansive space.

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9. Small luxuries go a long way…

Invest in quality linens and decor, to give your space a feeling of luxury and fineness.

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10. Host willingly and often…

It’s doesn’t take rocket science to understand that people socialize better in smaller spaces. Use your space frequently as a gathering place. This will not only make it seem more warm and inviting, but it will inspire you to keep it better organized, decorated and maintained.

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