4 Household Organizing Projects to Complete In January

4 Household Organizing Projects to Complete In January

You might be tempted to do a complete organizing overhaul in January, but you don’t have to! By completing just a few simple projects at a time, you can perfectly organize your home. Discover the secret with these 4 great projects.

1. Tackle Those Drawers

I have more than one “junk drawer” and I imagine you do too. Get your home organizing game going in 2017 by tackling those cluttered drawers.

There’s lots of ways you can do this, but the simplest way is by investing in a few good drawer organizers to keep everything structured and arranged. Purge anything you haven’t used in the last 6 months – 1 year and organize the rest by category or usage.

4 Household Organizing Projects to Complete In January

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2. Clear That Garage / Attic Space

If you’re fortunate to have a garage or attic space, chances are it’s got a bit of clutter. These are easy spaces to put things and then forget about them.

Start 2017 right by whipping these spaces into order. Get tools and clutter organized in your garage and create an organizing system there that works for you. If you need to invest in a few metal shelving units or tool boxes — do it. Same as the drawers…anything that hasn’t been used in 6 months – 1 year needs to go! (Unless you’ve got grandma’s priceless family heirlooms locked away in that attic space!)

4 Household Organizing Projects to Complete In January

3. It’s Time to Look Under the Sink

Ugh. No one ever wants to do this, but if you’re not keeping your “under-the-sink” spaces organized, you’re missing out on valuable storage space.

Organize all that clutter and those cleaning supplies by getting creative. Use tension rods to create the ultimate cleaning supply storage, and invest in things like desk organizers / baskets to store beauty tools such as straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons.

4 Household Organizing Projects to Complete In January


4. Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets

Yep. You read that right. It’s time to tackle those closets.

Home closets are another space that is easy to pack full of junk and forget about. That, of course, means that over time they become a chaotic mess.

Organizing your home closets at the start of the year is a great way to start off on the right foot and get yourself motivated. As with any of our organizing projects, remove everything and get rid of the things you have used in (yep, you guessed it) 6 months – 1 year. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this space as well. Invest in cute baskets, shelf dividers or extra tension rods to create more space.

4 Household Organizing Projects to Complete In January


And as simply as that, you can get your home ready for a whole new year of up’s, down’s and everything in-between. Tackle these 4 great organizing projects now and get your 2017 off to the perfect start!

 What home organizing projects do you like to start the New Year off with? Let me know in the replies below! (Or on Facebook and Twitter!)



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