The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today

The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today

You don’t have to wait for the new year to start getting organized. In fact, it’s a great idea to grab one of these mid-year planners now and begin practicing for 2018! Find out which mid-year planner is right for you with this list of the 5 best mid-year planners! 

5. BelleRousseur

These planners are gorgeous and completely customizable. With an array of options, it’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with this handy little planner. This planner is really packed full of color and is great for those who want to streamline and simplify their planning. I find that this one is also great for the first time “life planner”user, as it already comes with a lot of simple decoration. For those who love to use their scrapbooking skills, fear not! This line also comes with stickers and other accessories that allow you to customize your planner even further!

What I Love:

  • Made to order. Who doesn’t love to customize?
  • Beautiful covers.

Love this planner? Check it out!

The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today
(Image Credit: BelleRousseur Designs)

4. The Happy Planner

This is a really good “off-the-shelf” planner for those who love the scrapbooking appeal of planners like the Erin Condren Life Planner. Coming in a variety of styles, colors and layouts, this planner allows you to not only customize and plan, but to focus on things like goals. If we had to chose a favorite aspect, it would have to be the really great assortment of accessories that are available for this product, including an extra budgeting section, a six-month calendar extension and a dizzying array of stickers. It also has interchangeable covers, which really lets you get expressive, and features the disc-binding system for easier storage and customization!

What I Love:

  • Gorgeously decorated.
  • Lots of (affordable) accessories.
  • Disc-binding system allows for customization of covers and internals.
  • Additional sections like budgeting and fitness.

Can’t get enough of this planner? Find out more!

The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today
(Image Credit: Me & My Big Ideas)

3. Erin Condren Lifeplanner

It’s hard to beat an Erin Condren Lifeplanner, as this planner is still one of the best on the block. For those who really just want to focus on busy schedules and important dates, this is a high-quality, top-of-the-line planner. There’s a whole array of Erin Condren accessories, so if you are someone who loves to decorate your planners (and has a bit of extra cash) then this is the perfect planner. For an extra $5, you can also add a few extra months to your 2018 planner, so you can start getting organized as soon as your planner arrives!

What I Love:

  • Interchangeable covers.
  • Gorgeous internal, yet simple decor.
  • Slew of super pretty accessories!

Love this planner? Get your own Erin Condren Lifeplanner here.

The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today
(Image Credit:

2. The STARTPlanner

Okay, this planner is more than a planner. This is a planner with creating the best you in mind. With everything from goal-setting to organizational tips and everything in between, this planner is 1 part scheduler and 2 parts personal life coach. Perfect for those of you who are looking towards 2018 with mindfulness as a goal, the STARTPlanner will help you set goals and achieve them efficiently.

What I Love:

  • Goal setting pages
  • Simple internal core.

Want a STARTPlanner of your own? Get it here.

The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today
(Image Credit:

1. The Living Well Planner

This planner tops the list because of it’s absolute gorgeous-ness and it’s straight-up lifeplanner-ness. When you hear the term “life planner” this is the planner that you’re thinking of, with all kinds of motivational bits and even goal setting tools to keep you on track. This planner really does it all and even includes shopping lists, expense trackers and places to store important addresses and phone numbers. Perfect for the person that needs to do it all, this is an all-in-one planner that we just can’t get enough of.

What I Love:

  • True everything planner. Includes section on goal setting, budgeting and much, much more!
  • Simple yet GORGEOUS insides.
  • Colorful!

Check it out for yourself.

The 5 Best Mid-Year Planners to Start Organizing Today
(Image Credit: Living Well Spending Less)


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