The 8 Simple Steps to Perfectly Organizing Your Entire Home

Organizing can seem overwhelming to the new organista, but by using a few simple methods organizing can become second nature to you too! Use these 8 simple steps to get yourself motivated and every room of your home organized! 

1. Train Yourself To Put Things Back Where They Belong

It’s a lot easier to just set that hairbrush down on the counter and move on with your day, but before you know it the hairbrush has a million scattered friends and you have a cluttered counter space. It’s not always easy, but train yourself to put things back where they belong immediately after you finish using them.

Assign everything in your house its own designated spot. That goes for cleaning supplies, decor, linens, beauty items – EVERYTHING. As soon as you finish using an item, take the few extra seconds to return it to its rightful home. This will save you time and energy, as you will have less to clean!

2. Labels, Labels, Labels!

Labeling anything and everything might sound a bit cliche, but it goes a long way in getting any space organized. Not only does this help you quickly identify your things and where they belong, but it also help put your brain in an organizing “state of mind”.

You can simply print off labels using your computer, or you can design your own labels using a label printer like this one from Brother. Either way, it’s a great way to get any home or living space in order, especially areas used for the majority of your storage.

3. Purge It!

One of the first steps in the organization of any space is the inevitable purge. You have to get ruthless here. Pull out every single item and honestly assess it. Do you really need it? Have you actually used it within the last 3-6 months? If the answer is no then get rid of it. Sell it online or donate it to someone that needs it more than you do. When you’re done, you’ll be facing a clean slate, wide open space just begging to be neatly organized.

This isn’t just a one time job, however. Make sure you pull out everything in that manic closet or garage of yours at least 1x every 6 months. Rinse and repeat the purge process.

Not good at purging? Start with this method.

4. Like With Like

This is another one of those “Golden Rules” of organizing. Once you’ve finished purging, take your surviving articles and group them into groups of similar functionality. For instance, if you’re organizing your pantry, group canned goods together, spices together, baking goods together, etc. Once everything is grouped and separated, it will become easier for you to decide on what organizing supplies you will need, or what kind of space you might need to hold the items.

5. Take Everything Out of the Space…EVERYTHING

Before any purge and subsequent organizing can begin, you have to remove everything from the space or room that you’re attempting to organize. Clearing out the space helps you do a lot of things, including assessing your real storage needs, what items you have and what items you still need.

6. Corral Like Items

As you’re removing things (before the purge and before the detailed categorizing), try to place them in a similar grouping or corral. This doesn’t need to be as detailed as the separating you will do later.

Try to think of ways to store the groups away neatly and think of how you will store them. Maybe it’s all those pesky under the sink chemicals. Do you have a caddy to hold them all? Or will you use a hanging rod system to save space? Is there enough room under the sink, or will you have to find more space?

7. Empty? Refill It!

Now that everything has been emptied, purged, categorized, grouped and labeled, it’s time to refill that closet, pantry, garage, etc.

Start with items that you use most frequently. Put those nearest the front or in the most accessible spaces. Once your most-used items are in a convenient place, fill in the space around them, using the same idea. Put the items you use the most infrequently in the harder to get to spaces.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Organizing is change. If this system doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to tweak things in a way that works better for you. There is no one right way when it comes to organizing, so do only what works for you, no matter what you might read or see.

It’s also important to remember that life changes all the time, too. There are more chaotic times in our lives and more peaceful times in our lives. Don’t be afraid to try different organizing techniques at different stages in your life, or be afraid to tweak things that just don’t fit anymore. Whatever you choose to do, just stay committed! You can do it!


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