The 9 Incredible Benefits of Getting Organized
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The 9 Incredible Benefits of Getting Organized

Here on Lady Vivra, I work hard to bring you great articles that reveal all the mystical and magical secrets of staying organized. But today, I wanted to take a different approach, and take a step back to look at all the incredible benefits to be gained from living a more organized life. Check out these 9 ways that organizing has transformed my life, and discover how it can transform your life and your home too! 

1. Less Mess, Less Stress

It’s just a fact that living in a more organized home and fashion leads to a more peaceful and stress-free life. Staying on top of things and staying productive will decrease the opportunity for “Uh-oh’s”. Give all your personal belongings a place to live. Return them to that spot immediately after use – no matter what! No matter how tired you are, no matter how badly you don’t want to do it. It might sound silly, but staying one step ahead can seriously keep you from stressing out and falling behind.

2. More Time for Family and Friends

Getting yourself set into an organizational pattern or routine can really give you more time to spend with your family and friends. Less time wasted cleaning or fixing clutter means more minutes and hours to spend with your family or friends. Each minute you save adds up, and before you know it – you’ve got a stress free weekend of fun ahead!

3. Resilience Booster

A lowering in stress and a boost in that good mood feeling makes you more resilient to the little curveballs that life always seems to throw our way. Being prepared ahead of time can really the lessen the impact of these little roadblocks and can allow you to deal with problems with a more even-headed approach. For instance, having back-ups and copies of all important files and legal documents can really save you some panic in times of power outages and family emergencies.

4. The Intense Seems Less Intense

I never would have believed this if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I don’t care if you’re talking about work, kids, or the home, but there’s a sense of comfort in having every project defined, and every action that stands between you and “done” clearly identified. When I do this, I can look at a daunting to-do list and feel like I’m on top of it and capable of doing what needs to be done.

5. Free to be Your Best You

This is especially important when it comes to those parents out there that might be reading this. Less stress and more happiness allows you to live your most authentic self. This means being the best version of your self possible, and being a sparkling example for your friends, family and kids.

6. Better Health

Yeah. You read that right. Getting yourself organized is also a great boost to your health. Stress is terrible for our bodies, so by getting organized and reducing our stress, we can actually promote better health and longevity. Once you’ve gotten yourself set in a routine and have everything in its proper place (and always returning to its proper place), you can look forward to better sleep, better skin, higher levels of energy and more.

7. Relax More

How much time do you spend each day wishing you were doing nothing? Make that dream a reality by getting up and getting organized. When you’re organized you spend less time dealing with all those littles mess. That means more time for relaxing or doing something that entertains you and makes you happy.

8. Fewer Little Jobs

We all have those days where we just want to skip that load of laundry. But missing just a task or two can set you behind in surprising ways. Stay on top of things and don’t let them fall behind. Sure, you want those 10 more minutes on the sofa, but would you rather enjoy them now or at the weekend?

9. Greater Productivity

When you know where things are, what your goals are, and take care of the busy work as it appears, you’ve got significantly more time and energy for the big goals in life.


Sure, it’s not easy to get organized – especially if you’re new to it all. But getting your life and home in order is an amazing thing! Organizing can have so many more benefits than just the ones listed above. Live your most joyful and authentic life by getting organized today. Why wait? You’ve only got your whole life ahead of you!


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