My First Garden: Why you should be container gardening right now
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The Nomadic Gardener: Why you should be container gardening right now

Container gardens are a great choice for first time gardeners — landowner and apartment dweller alike. Sometimes called pot gardening, container gardening calls for you to grow plants in pots and other containers rather than planting directly into the ground.

You might have seen gardens like this on high-rise terraces, but container gardening is great for all types of outdoor spaces. The reasons are numerous, but I’m pretty sure these 10 reasons will have container gardening in no time.

The 10 Reasons You Should Start a Container Garden this Year

10. Back aches be-gone.

It won’t surprise anyone that gardening is labor-intensive and it’s particularly hard on the back. Elevated planters can help alleviate some of the back-breaking strain associated with traditional planting, and make digging, pruning and harvesting easier.

My First Garden: Why you should be container gardening right now

9. Double duty decoration.

The containers used in this method of gardening double as decorative elements. Combined with outdoor furniture and rugs, pots can be used a functional decor elements that can really transform your outdoor spaces — no matter the size.

8. Easy to clean.

One of the best parts of container gardening is the simplicity. When you use planting pots, cleaning becomes a breeze. During the fall, pots are emptied and cleaned. Ready for new potting soil, they’re fresh come spring. By leaving the plastic plant pot liners your plants originate in you can make cleaning even easier.

7. Mobility.

If you’re someone that moves around regularly, container gardening is the perfect. Container gardens can pick up and move with you, so they’re great for a more nomadic lifestyle. If you’re going out of town for a bit, it’s easy for neighbors to see to your garden, temporarily relocating the plants to their own property if necessary. When the seasons change, it’s easy to move plants around and replace certain plants. And if they need to come indoors? No problem.

My First Garden: Why you should be container gardening right now

6. Your favorite salad always at hand.

You can grow an entire salad all in one pottomatoes, lettuces, herbs. Or, you can spread them out over several pots and keep them at hand for an easy and healthy treat.

5. Use less water.

It would seem like container gardens need more water than regular gardens, but that’s just not true. While the small soil volume in pots can dry out quicker, you can decrease that issue by using larger containers. The larger the pot, the less watering is needed, so a few large pots can really help cut back on water use.

4. Good soil guaranteed.

Planting directly into the ground requires you to test the soil and make sure its pH levels are good. If your soil isn’t compatible with the plants you want, you have to make soil amendments and that takes time, knowledge and effort. When you plant in containers — this is eradicated entirely. All you have to do is pick and use a potting soil that is compatible with the plants you want to grow. Pro tip: Slow-release fertilizers really help to create the perfect growth environment and cut the chance of soil-borne plant diseases.

My First Garden: Why you should be container gardening right now

3. Less weeding.

Soil bought from the store means no weeding. Wind-borne weed spores don’t figure when you use store-bought soil, and they’re less likely to take root in a container garden. That’s because plants in these types of gardens are usually more densely packed, so there’s not much room for uninvited intruders.

2. You don’t need a giant back yard.

You can create your perfect container garden even if you don’t have a massive amount of space. Patios, decks and balconies make great spaces to create your dream garden. As long as the plants have enough access to light, they can thrive in any sized space. They can also really transform and rejuvenate small spaces.

1. Pots not required.

My favorite thing about container gardening is the creativity it allows you. You don’t have to plant in stodgy old pots. You can use almost any kind of container, and many of them can be found around the home. Don’t be afraid to get eclectic. Some of the best planters can be old wooden crates, dresser drawers or even old bicycles and pianos. Toilets also make creative plant pots, but anything with adequate drainage will do.

My First Garden: Why you should be container gardening right now

Putting it all together…

It doesn’t matter if you have no space or all the space, you can create the container garden of your dreams. Find out more about container gardening and how you can get started with this great article from Molly Garrett of Field + Canvas.

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