Get Creative With These Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Get Creative With These Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s nearly Valentine’s day and that can mean a lot of pressure to set up the perfect date. But what if you want to do something a bit more creative than just dinner, flowers and chocolates? Try these 6 affordable date ideas to make your Valentine’s date the best date ever! 

If you’re looking for a truly special Valentine’s experience, then you have to think outside the box. Sure, you could spend a ton on a fancy dinner or wait in endless lines at the movies. But why not do something stress-free, affordable and more memorable?

1. Give the Ice a Try

When was the last time you went ice skating? When was the last time you went ice skating on Valentine’s Day? Ice skating might be cheesy, but that’s what this holiday is all about. Just imagine gliding across the ice, hand-in-hand with your partner or spouse. Could it really get any more romantic than that? If you don’t know where your local ice rink is, then find one here.

Get Creative With These Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

2. Get Down and Dirty

Valentine’s is the perfect time to get down and dirty with your partner. Capitalize on this day of romance by engaging in an “all-day” marathon, or carve out extra time for foreplay or trying out new toys and positions. This is Cupid’s day and the perfect day to get crazy. Even better? It’s good for your workout program!

3. Craft It Out

You can make your romantic date night even more romantic by engaging in a craft night. Make something together for your home. It will not only bring you both closer together, but will add that extra something special to your living space. If interior decor crafting isn’t your thing, try making a photo album or a DIY picture frame — complete with a romantic shot. You can also make one another homemade Valentine’s cards!

Get Creative With These Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas

4. Cook Up Some Heat

Staying in and making your own romantic meal for two is cheaper than going out and a great way to get things heated up — in and out of the kitchen. Make a special dish for each other and roll out all the stops, including candles, tablecloths, the whole nine.

5. Give Back

If you’re the couple that has it all, why not mark the holiday by giving back? Charities are a great way to spend your holiday time. Most people don’t know it, but charities are always looking for people to make cards for the elderly and decorations for children’s hospitals. You can touch one another while touching the lives of those in need. What’s a bigger turn on than that?

6. Get Outside

One of my favorite ways to spend Valentine’s Day is simply getting out in nature and enjoying a good stroll through the park. This is perfect, because it gives you time to talk and enjoy the world around you…things that often get lost in today’s chaotic world. You can fight the cold by bringing a ball to toss or kick around, or you can relive your childhood days and take advantage of the empty playground.

Get Creative With These Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas


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