The Ultimate List of Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I know that some of you are scrambling for some last minutes ideas.

You have a few different options. You could opt for the boring standard of roses, chocolates and an overpriced meal. Or, you could mix it up and go with something a bit more creative.

Forget the Netflix and teddy bears this V-Day. Create an experience that you and your loved one will never forget with this unique (and affordable) list of Valentine’s Day date ideas.

The Ultimate List of Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. Take a chocolate masterclass.

Why go for crappy CVS chocolates when you could go for an all out chocolate tasting? Sign up for a masterclass in chocolate making, or find a chocolate tasting at a local winery nearby.

2. Have a bonfire.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the suburbs or the country, why not try having a romantic bonfire. There’s little more romantic than enjoying some fresh air and the stars with someone you love. Don’t know if you have the room? Considering making one of these fire pits a Valentine’s gift you both can enjoy.

3. Go on a ghost tour.

This is a great option for those non-traditional couples that enjoy the finer things that go bump in the night. Ghost tours are everywhere, especially if you live in a city steeped in history. Find a spooky event (many include booze) and enjoy a guided tour of the city you both love and enjoy.

4. Go dancing.

I’m not talking about going to the club, here. Give your crush a truly memorable night by booking the pair of you a dancing lesson. You can take an open class, find a salsa club or even go see some live music that gets you both jiving. Big cities like Chicago offer some great options, like this Valentine’s Day Dirty Dancing Party.

5. Museum after hours.

Museums need money, and a new way many are generating it is through after-hours evenings. These events are spicy, and allow you to experience the museum like never before. Skip the massive crowds and the screaming kids and opt for one of these adult-only nights instead.

6. Go ice skating.

Valentine’s happens in the dead of winter, so why not make it a skating occasion? Romcoms love to use a good skating scene and your partner will probably enjoy it too. Book a few hours on a rink nearby and get ready for some fun. Can’t skate? Even better. Hold onto your partner.

7. Do a wine crawl.

You’ve heard of the pub crawl. Now, there’s the wine crawl.

Plot out a map of the best wine bars in your town. Start at your favorite and make your way around the city, making sure to enjoy the best that each stop has to offer before pushing off to the next destination. Order different types of wine and don’t forget the tapas (you don’t want to get sloppy, after all.)

8. Take in a hockey game.

Ever been to a hockey game? If not, do it. Hockey games are truly fun experiences with lively crowds and endless action. Whether you know the game intricately or have only seen a game or two on tv — you’ll be screaming along with the fans in no time.

9. Shake it up at a burlesque show.

If you want to heat things up at home this Valentine’s Day, try spicing it up at the start with a burlesque show. Burlesque isn’t about stripping, it’s about the art of the tease. The performers in these stage shows are often talented acrobats, dancers, fire eaters and more.

10. Plan a themed dinner and movie night at home.

Fill that Netflix list with romcoms and get ready to rock and roll.

A truly affordable and creative way to spend a romantic night in is to plan a themed dinner and move night. Pick your favorite film or TV show and make a menu to match. Wrangle your significant other into the madness by cooking the meal together.

11. Get tipsy at karaoke.

There’s nothing better than making a fool of yourself in front of the one you love, while feeling like a rockstar at the same time. Leave the friend group at home and hit the stage with just the two of you. If you need some liquid courage to warm up the pipes, enjoy a drink or two before hand at an intimate spot that the two of you enjoy.

12. Visit the roller skating rink.

Relive your childhood by visiting your nearest roller skating rink. Rinks often offered themed events and open skating in the evenings, which include fun lights and top 40 tracks. If you really want to liven it up, opt for fancy dress and go in fun 70’s or 80’s theme.

13. Get cultured at a poetry reading.

Fan of Sex in the City? Well channel your inner Carrie and Mr. Big by going to a local poetry reading. Local libraries usually have a list of regular nights, and events can also be found on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

14. Book a hotel.

Okay, this one is a bit cliche, but there’s not anyone who doesn’t love a romantic hotel stay. Brush off the roommates, the kids and the dirty dishes. Hotels offer a range of special Valentine’s Day offers and packages that often include champagne and three course meals.

15. Relax at a well-deserved spa day for two.

Escape reality and relax during a special spa day for two. Many spas are open extended hours for Valentine’s Day and offer specials for couples. These reduced fairs can help you really put together something special for your forever crush. Packages include everything from facials to full body massages and more.

16. Go somewhere new.

We all have that restaurant, city or town that we talk about longingly — though we’ve never visited it. Make this V-Day the one when you finally hit the open road. Road trip up state to check out that state park with your loved one, or drive down to the coast to enjoy a couple of lazy days by the ocean. A weekend excursion is a great way to create memories and do something exciting for Cupid’s day of love.

17. Take a bike ride for two.

You probably didn’t know this, but most cities offer bike rental companies. Many of these companies also offer tandem bike rides for 2. Let your inner eccentric shine as the two of you traverse the city you love on a bicycle built for two.

18. Glamping: all the kids are doing it.

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, glamping might be the ultimate Valentine’s Day date idea. When you go glamping, the fun doesn’t have to end at sunset. Take a break from the regular and get out into nature, where you and your love and truly express what comes natural to you both.

19. Check out your favorite band.

Music couples: this one is for you.

There’s little better than a live music experience. So, get online and book tickets for the band you and your SO just can’t live without. If your favorite band isn’t playing nearby any time soon, check out other great acts by scouring local events on Facebook and Instagram.

20. Watch the sunset or sunrise together.

You don’t need to break the bank to create a romantic experience that the two of you will never forget. Take a few minutes at the start or the end of the day to enjoy new beginnings with your other half. This is especially great for couples that can only catch a few minutes together thanks to hectic schedules.

21. Take a fitness class.

Breaking a sweat is a great way to bond. Book a workout class together and get those endorphins goings before you take it home to shower down. (Ooh la la.)

22. See what the stars have in store.

Astrology is growing in popularity and Valentine’s Day is a great day to explore this budding fad. Find out if you and your loved one are meant to be together by getting your futures read together. You can enjoy a tarot card reading or even have your natal charts read.

23. Take a cooking class.

Classes are a fun way to enjoy yourselves in a casual setting. What’s also great about cooking classes is that you leave with a valuable new skill!

Put on those aprons and learn how to make each other’s favorite meals. Things always heat up in the kitchen and cooking classes are no exception.

24. See a comedy show.

Is there anything sexier than laughing? Spending the night at a comedy show is a great way to escape reality and get those hormones racing. Local comedy clubs host legends, alongside budding local talent to create a fun night the two of you will always remember.

25. Do a scavenger hunt.

This year, the hottest Valentine’s Day trend is scavenger hunts and it’s not hard to see why. Scavenger hunts are exceptionally fun and creative way to show your loved one just how special they are to you. Hunts can include a trail of gifts that lead to a romantic candlelit dinner for two, or they can be a multi-stop adventure based around clues only lover’s could recognize. However you decide to design your scavenger hunt, it will be a special experience for your SO.

26. Try your hand at truffle making.

While we’re on the topic of trends, it’s hard to leave out truffle making.

Cities like New York are filled with masterclasses that allow you to try your hand at making these delicious treats in a variety of different ways. The best part of this is, at the end of these classes, you’ll get a chance to bring home your creations. And what could actually be better than a sexy night full of tasty treats like truffles?


Putting it all together…

Don’t get caught in a Valentine’s Day rut – get creative and create special memories for you and your loved one. Plan a romantic bonfire for two or set out on an adventure to that place you’ve never visited before. Stay after hours in a museum or rock out to your favorite band. Whatever it is that you decide to do this Valentine’s day — share the love.

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