DIY Crafts: Beautiful Painted Pinecones

DIY Decor: Beautiful Painted Pinecones

Looking for something crafty to get you in the holiday spirit? Grab a few simple items and create your own pretty and festive painted pinecones. This DIY project is guaranteed to brighten up any home. Spice up your holiday season with a little burst of color. 

This project is inspired by the beautiful work of Cupcakes and Cashmere. It was so pretty that I just couldn’t pass it up and knew I had to share!

Making your own beautiful painted pinecones is a great way to really customize your decor. It’s also a great way to mix a little bit of contemporary style with the more traditional vibe of holidays past. You’ll only need a few simple materials to complete this crafting project, and is especially fun to do with friends and family.


  • 8 large pine cones
  • 4 cans of spray paint in colors of your choosing
  • Newspaper
  • Standard computer paper
  • Scissors
  • Ziplock Bag

If you really want to “go green” this holiday season, look for pinecones in neighboring parks, forests or other public green spaces. PRO-TIP: If choosing “wild” pinecones, bake at 170F for 10-15 minutes in the oven, just to rid the pinecones of any potential “hitchhikers”.

Pick your colors. Don’t be afraid to be bold or funky. Can’t decide on just 4 colors? Then don’t! Part of the fun of any DIY craft project is the freedom to play! For cones that will be painted a lighter color (think pastel pink), place newspaper down outside and spray the cone all over in white paint first. This white paint will act like a primer and boost lighter neutral or pastel tones.

Come up with a plan. Do you want to paint your cones solid colors? Are you thinking of painting the top and bottom of the cones different colors? Take a few moments to look at your cones and imagine the colors that would look best in the scheme of your holiday decorating.


1. Clear an area (preferably outdoors, away from any furniture, vehicles, wall, etc.) to paint the cones on and cover it with a few sheets of newspaper. This is especially important if you will be painting on concrete or masonry.

2. Paint your solids first. These will be the easiest cones to paint. Painting the solid cones first is also a great way to get a feel for how many layers of paint you will need to achieve the desired color. Best of all, you can really start to get an idea on whether your color scheme will work or not.

3. To paint cones with a “dipped” look, simply cut a medium-sized “x” into a piece of printer paper and slide the cone through, creating a divider. Then, take a single Ziploc bag and place it over the end you do not want painted. Holding this end, with your hand over the plastic bag, simply spray the exposed end of the pine cone. This will give you a dipped look. Looks excellent in white, silver and gold metallics.

4. Experiment, experiment, experiment. You can play around any way you want here. Try breaking out the paint brush and painting the tips of the pinecone in different patterns of color. Get the glitter and sequins involved too and never shy away from ribbon or other creative elements.


When you’re finished, you should have something like this:

DIY Crafts: Beautiful Painted Pinecones

Remember, it’s important to give your pinecones time to dry before placing them anywhere in your home (you wouldn’t want to ruin that beautiful white mantle, would ya?). When you have finished painting your pinecones, place them is a safe, but covered area like a garage or laundry room. Allow them at least 24 hours to dry before adding them to your decor.

A little confused about the steps? Check out the gallery below for some hints:

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