Easy Home Organizing Tips

Organizing doesn’t need to be difficult. Use these easy tips to get your home organized today! 

1. Chalkboards

Chalkboards are a great way to set up visible schedules and leave notes for yourself, friends and loved ones. Try a chalkboard in the laundry room to keep notes on special requirements, laundry schedules, timing and more.

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2. Organize Your Wrapping Paper & Craft Collections

Wall storage is a great way to keep your wrapping paper and sewing and craft collections organized. Try a simple over-the-door organizer to save even more space.

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3. Organize Your Meals

Lay out a detailed meal plan at the start of each week. Make sure you include ingredient lists, shopping sections and recipe details (if needed)! Find out how to plan your meals here.

Recipe: Delicious Mahi Mahi Tacos
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4. Keep Your Fridge Organized

Move older items to the front of your fridge and newer items to the back, to reduce on waste. For small, loose items, try using small baskets to keep your fridge’s shelves organized.

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5. Get Your Laundry Room Organized

The more organized your laundry room is, the easier the laundry process becomes. (And who wouldn’t want that?) Use shelves and laundry organizer units like this one to keep your clothes and care accessories organized easily.

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6. Purchase / Make a Life Planner

Life planners are great ways to keep yourself organized and on track. These planners are more than just schedules, though, and can be focused on everything from organizing your home to launching your own business.

(Image Credit: DailyGreatness Journal)
(Image Credit: DailyGreatness Journal)


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