Gift-Giving Guide: Perfect Gifts for the Organized Lady

Looking for the perfect gift for that super-organized woman in your like? Look no further than this complete gift-giving guide, packed full of the perfect presents for your family organista. 

1. Makeup Carousel ($37)

Does your organized lady love make up? Try a makeup carousel and give her a beautiful counter-piece that she will love using day after day!

2. Personal Planner ($39)

There are little things more exciting to an organized woman than a pretty personal planner. Grab her a personalized planner and watch her face light up in excitement. With options covering, yoga, parenting, fitness, diet and more, there is a perfect personal planner for everyone, though I recommend The DailyGreatness Journal.

3. Slotted Organizing Cups ($20)

These are perfect for your more corporate organista that has a desk she loves to keep spick-and-span. Sleek and minimal, these organizers look great on a desktop while lending to a minimalist and natural style.

4. Hand Pen Holder ($19)

This unique and eclectic pen holder is perfect for your more eccentric giftee. However, this makes a great desk organizer and is always a great conversation piece as well.

5. iPhone 6 Wallet Case ($15)

I never leave home without this case, and it’s one of my favorites because it’s a great way to store and protect your ID and credit cards. I never leave home without my phone, so this case allows a great way to make sure I never leave home without my $$$ and ID either. Perfect for those organistas that love to travel.

6. Stag Jewelry Display

Rustic is in and this jewelry display is the perfect delicate compliment. Display an array of necklaces, rings, earrings and more with the pretty organizer.

7. Decorative Storage ($4+)

There’s always a need for more storage, so get your special lady a collection of decorative storage organizers. There’s thousands of options to choose from, so there’s sure to be something to fit her style.

8. 2017 Life Hack Calendar ($15)

The Life Hacks Calendar is a day-to-day approach to making your life easier – 1 hack at a time. Perfect for the organizing lady that loves to discover new ways of doing things.

9. Reclaimed Chalk Board ($59)

A great way to leave messages, memos, organize grocery lists and more – this board is the perfect decorative and organizational gift for any home.

10. Water From a Stone ($12)

For those organizers who also have a touch of the green thumb, these automatic plant waterers are the perfect gift. Also work wonders for those organizers who just can’t seem to remember to water that ficus.


 Have more great ideas for organizing gifts? Let me know in the replies below or on the Lady Vivra Facebook Page!

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