14 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but if the clutter builds up you can soon find yourself sleeping in an unsightly nightmare. Use these tips to get your bedroom organized and back to that dream state today. 

Start With the Closet

1. Do a Wardrobe Cleanse

We’re all guilty of holding on to the things that we no longer use or wear. To kickstart your bedroom organization, begin with your wardrobe, clearing your closet of any clothing you haven’t used or worn in a year or more.

2. Fold Your Sweaters

Sweaters should always be folded, as hanging can distort their shape. Stack sweaters neatly atop one another on the shelves, and use shelf dividers to keep them neatly stored and separated.

3. Pick a System

Make a decision on how you want your clothes organized and stick to that. Want to color coordinate those tops? Great! Want to divide them by season or wear frequency? That’s great too. There’s no wrong way to organize, as long as it keeps your things put away where they belong.

How to Organize Your Bedroom
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4. Shelf or Hang Bags

Hang or store bags and purses on shelves. If you don’t have enough floor space for shelving, thing about using shower hooks or other easily purchased items that can be repurposed.

5. Keep Drawers Tidy

Invest in drawer dividers to keep items neatly folded and stored away where they belong.

6. Shoe Storage

Shoes are items that get out of hand way too easily. Invest in some simple shoe storage like this great under-the-bed organizer that can help save you space and keep those pesky shoes corralled and accessible.

Re-Arrange the Room

1. Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

It’s easy to overlook the bed as a means of storage, but storing items under the bed is a great way to save on space. All kinds of items can be used to keep under-the-bed items neat and tidy including cubbies, baskets, Rubbermaid containers and more.

How to Organize Your Bedroom
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2. Utilize Your Headboard Space

This is the most commonly overlook storage area of any bedroom. Invest in headboard shelving, or make your own. Can be used to store books, lamps, decor, bedside necessities and more!

3. Utilize Your Footboard Space

This is pretty much the same as above! So often, we forget that our footboards can also be used for additional shelving or storage.

4. Display Organized Jewelry

Jewelry that is neatly organized and displayed is not only a great way to stay organized, but a great way to decorate your bed space. Easily put together cute patterned shelves or invest in decorative jewelry display decor, like this beautiful silver tree organizer.

How to Organize Your Bedroom
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5. Fit in a Desk

If you need work space in your bedroom, your nightstand can do double duty as a desk. Look for a minimalist model and pair it with a small chair.


1. Maximize Wall Space

Don’t be afraid to use your wall space. Utilize cute shelves like these to really add extra oomph to your space and keep it looking tidy and fantastic.


How to Organize Your Bedroom
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2. Minimize Laundry Space

Use a closet hamper to keep dirty laundry off the ground and out of your way. Hang over the back of a hamper or laundry room door.

3. Decorate With Hanging Hooks

You can use hooks for everything from hats to scarves and bags, and even small framed artworks. Some also include shelf space for displaying pictures, stuffed animals, or other favorite items.


Have more great ideas for organizing the bedroom? Let me know in the replies below!

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