Getting Organized with Marie Kondo in 2019
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Marie Kondo helps you get organized in 2019

Now that the new year has dawned many of us feel the need to organize our homes. There’s something about a new year that makes you want to release baggage. And when it comes to unloading, there’s no genius quite like Marie Kondo.

Kondo is a Japanese organizing master and may be familiar to you through her groundbreaking KonMari Method. This method allows you to get rid of the clutter by parting from objects that don’t spark joy in your life. Kondo’s bestseller, The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up, was one of The New York Times hit books of 2014 as well as a nationwide movement that changed the lives of thousands.

Getting Organized in 2019 with Marie Kondo
(Credit: MK Sadler for KonMari)

In 2018, Marie sat down with ELLE Decor and revealed some of her master tips for getting organized in the new year:

Marie’s Tips for Getting Organized in 2019

What’s the biggest thing to consider?

According to Marie, when it comes to getting organized you really have to visualize the home you want. This gives you a clear idea and vision and with that you can set a goal and move forward. According to Kondo, “If you have a clear goal, then the motivation that comes with starting the KonMari Method changes because you have an idea of where you want to be and what you want to attain at the end of the steps.”

What’s the best way to get started?

You can’t get organized without taking full stock of what you own. When asked about the best way to get started on your organized journey, Kondo stated, “Once you have your vision, review what you own and what those items mean to you. You can start with clothing. Bring them into one space, pile them up, and then take each item in your hand and think about how it fits into your goal for 2019.”

Getting organized in 2019 with Marie Kondo
(Credit: MK Sadler for KonMari)

But what if you have a lot of stuff?

If you have a lot of things (like so many of us do) then parting with things can be an overwhelming process. The KonMari has a solution for this by breaking down the process into categories. “If you have too many things and think it might be too overwhelming, then each time that you are going to do this, start with a certain category,” Kondo says. “One day you can only look at tops or trousers, for instance, and that can make it less overwhelming.”

Tips for small spaces:

Marie’s KonMari method originated in her home country of Japan where spaces are small. This means she knows a thing or two about organizing small spaces. Try to keep similar items in one space and, if using a drawer, stand items up vertically.

High-traffic areas? Kitchens? Entryways? Bathrooms?

“First, think about the condition that will allow you to put things back in an orderly manner,” Kondo says. “For example, with the bathroom, you wouldn’t put items around the sink, because if they get wet, it wouldn’t spark joy. Try to keep that area decluttered, so it’s easy to clean.” According to the organizing guru you can also make some real magic by keeping things separated by category.

When it comes to the bedroom, make your bed every day Kondo says. “With bedrooms, the bed is always the focus. Make a habit of making up your bed when you first wake up. If you don’t, your bedroom won’t feel organized.” You can also keep your kitchens in tip-top shape by maximizing the storage potential of your drawers and making sure their organized by category as well.

How can getting organized help me?

“For me, wellness and mindfulness are about having an understanding of what sparks joy in your life and makes you feel the most happy,” says Marie.  “Once you obtain this level of understanding, even when it comes to food, you’ll know what your body needs and what sort of exercise your body wants. This leads to the overall wellness of a person’s life because they become aware of what they need to be themselves.”


Getting organized can be difficult but it pays off in dividends by helping us to live a more simple and focused life. By decluttering our homes, we are decluttering ourselves of the things that hold us down and hold us back. When we declutter our homes, our relationships, our emotions, we get down to the things that matter and discover things about ourselves that we didn’t necessarily know before.

Do you have a plan for getting organized in 2019? Used the KonMari Method before and have interesting results? Share your experience with me in the comments below! You can also check out Marie’s original interview with ELLE Decor here.

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