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The Complete Guide To Modern Organizing Styles

Ever read some organizing guides and think, there’s no way I could do that in a million years? Yeah, trust me, I’ve been there too. But that’s okay. There’s lots of organizing styles out there. Use this handy guide to discover what your organizing style is.

Organizing is a lot like footwear. It’s there to make our lives more comfortable (and often, more stylish too), and everybody has a different taste and size. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to organizing.

If you want to be successful in your organizing endeavors, you need to stay committed but you also need to identify your organizing style. Once you’ve identified this, it becomes easier to find and create organizing systems that work for you. That means a higher chance of success and an easier time all around for you.

So what is your organizing style?

Check out these 6 organizing styles and discover what your organista personality is.

The Open Book Organizer

This is the organizer that likes to have everything out in the open. More often than not, their personal decorative style leans towards minimalism – which in turn heavily influences their organizing style. Needs must and all that.

The big danger of this organizing style is the chance that things become easily cluttered. This organizing style doesn’t call for a lot of space, but it does call for a lot of vigilance. In order to maintain this style, you have to have a rigid cleaning schedule that allows for the daily correction of clutter. That might be why this style works so well for high-energy, “Energizer Bunny” types.

The Modern Guide To Organizing Styles

The Concealer

This organizer is one that equates a clean living and working space with a clean mind. They can’t operate in spaces that are heavily cluttered – even if that clutter is organized. Stylistically, they go crazy for home storage that offers clean lines and complete concealment. Think lots of magnetic, pressurized drawers and modern Ikea design.

The Modern Guide To Organizing Styles

The Saver

We all know a saver. They’re the kind of person that thinks that every single item they come across might come in handy one day. Savers see their accumulations as insurance of something to come, and feel secure as a result of these tendencies. Some Saver tendencies may have developed in families of origin, where saving meant survival. These Savers may have behavioral and psychological triggers connected with their things. That excess, however, can mean extra work and is easy to get behind on. It’s important for saver types to minimize their collections as frequently as possible, and not allow sentimentality to overcome the benefits of an organized home.

The Mega-Minimalist

Minimalist style types typically do not struggle with clutter. They will often let go of items in haste to avoid storing things. It’s not uncommon for these personalities to feel that items carry a sense of responsibility with them – so they avoid picking things up, and often shop purposefully. Because they maintain order by accepting, keeping and storing less, they typically have no problem letting items go – even those that may have some sentimental value. Mega-Minimalists should take time to evaluate the importance of items so their personal items are not tossed in haste. (It’s especially important for Mega-Minimalists not to throw out other people’s belongings without permission.)

The Complete Guide To Modern Organizing Styles

The Constant Straightener

Constant Straighteners are the people that are always fixing or looking forward to the next project. Straighteners need to avoid straightening items just because they have them, but often can’t avoid the need to organize. They will also want to approach organizing tasks with the end in mind and usually work along rigid deadlines or to-do lists. They’re all about making systems and live for finding just the right place for just the right things. Constant Straightener organizing style personalities can accept the fact that not all organizing systems are the same. That understanding leads to less orthodoxy than some other styles and allows for a bit more flexibility when getting things done.

The Complete Guide To Modern Organizing Styles

The Rebel With a Cause

To the outsider, this organizing style can look a bit disorganized but that’s wrong. With these organizing rebels, there’s always a method to the madness. These organizers can tell you exactly where anything they need is, but their lack of structure can often lead to problems later on down the road. It’s harder to deal with those little life kinks without more structured organizing systems in place. No matter how great your memory or your perceived system might be – if your life is a mess the other messes only get bigger!

It’s important to try to overcome the clutter with this type, and focus on getting more rigid decluttering systems in place. While chaos might work for the short term, it’s not a great organizing plan. Especially if you’re a busy mama with a family on the go!


So, what type are you? Defining your type can go a long way in assisting you with your future home and family endeavors. Knowing the routines which work best for your type will allow you to identify the benefits and shortcomings of your own organista style. It will also allow you to really assess your needs honestly and realistically.

Make sure you check back next week, when we’ll have an in-depth how-to organizing with each style!


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