Nature's Secret: Pamper Your Skin with Natural Cocoa Butter
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Nature’s Secret: Pamper Your Skin with Natural Cocoa Butter

Whether you’re looking for a smoother shave or just want to lighten a few stretch marks, cocoa butter is an incredible way to pamper and care for your skin. Discover how you can use natural, unrefined cocoa butter to achieve softer more supple skin! 

The Basics

I love using unrefined cocoa butter to treat my occasional breakouts of extra dry skin. I’ve also had great results using it to treat and prevent stretch marks. But what can this miracle butter actually do for you? I found out for you.

Soft, Smooth, Glowing Skin

You can use pure cocoa butter or cocoa butter mixed with other ingredients like essential oils to achieve healthy, glowing skin. It’s also incredible for dry skin and is even used as a natural remedy for skin conditions like eczema.

When I use cocoa butter on my skin, I get glowing, radiant and supple skin. It also gives your skin a smooth and powdery like feel that is absolutely to die for. By using natural or unrefined cocoa butter, you also get an incredibly moisture lock that leaves your skin feeling great for hours.

Nature's Secret: Pamper Your Skin with Natural Cocoa Butter
I love the smooth finish unrefined cocoa butter gives my skin.

Reduction of Scars and Stretch Marks

This is one of the most common reasons that people purchase cocoa butter. Admittedly, it was the reason that I too started my cocoa butter journey.

Cocoa butter provides a natural barrier and coating that locks in moisture and helps the skin to heal. It’s not a secret that dry = less healthy skin, so cocoa butter really just helps lock in enough moisture to allow your skin to do its work and heal at an accelerated rate.


Now, you can’t expect that cocoa butter will completely remove all unwanted scars and stretch marks. Quite the contrary. While this natural lotion will help reduce the look of these things, it is not guaranteed to completely remove them. That depends on your body’s natural response.

How To Use Cocoa Butter

I recommend using unrefined cocoa butter, as it is more natural and helps you stay away from all those nasty chemicals that seem to find their way into our beauty products these days.

Don’t worry. Using c.b. in its raw form is a straightforward process and one that your skin will thank you for. Don’t believe me? Here’s a few ways that I used cocoa butter to keep my skin looking and feeling great year round.

Bath Time

What girl doesn’t love a good bath? Bath time is actually one of the best times to use cocoa butter.

C.B. has an incredibly low melting point, but remains relatively solid so it’s great for using in the bath. Just pop a chunk in while you run that warm bubble bath, and then use it to rub down your skin once you’ve made the dive into the tub. You’ll find that in warm water, the butter has a silky, powdery feel that will leave your skin feeling baby soft.

Nature's Secret: Pamper Your Skin with Natural Cocoa Butter
A little cocoa butter in the tub will leave your skin feeling baby soft.

A Little Hot Water Goes a Long Way

Hot water is a great way to apply unrefined or pure butter that may be hard (some butter is softer than others, but black cocoa butter is the softest).

Depending on the consistency of your butter, you may even find that you can rub it easily onto your skin when you get out of the shower while your skin is still warm from the water. Post-bathing is one of the best times to apply skin care products. Your skin is at top absorbency at this time because both the heat and moisture opens up your pores and helps your skin to absorb better.

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If you need to use it  at a time you are not showering or bathing or just want to do a small area, just boil the kettle or put some hot water in a small bowl and drop your cocoa in.

Make sure it is not so hot that it will burn your fingers or melt the butter right away and as always, take care to keep it away from children or pets so they don’t burn themselves – or eat it! With the chunk softened, rub it on your skin.


Just like with anything we use these days, it’s important to know your stuff when picking out the right cocoa product for you.

As a general rule, try to stay away from c.b. products that come in lotion pump bottles or cream form. These are not natural forms of cocoa butter, but forms that have been diluted with an array of potentially dangerous chemicals.

If you’re not comfortable using c.b. in its raw form, then look for all natural “sticks” that contain little more than c.b. and some essential oils that are useful in developing healthy, radiant skin. Always read the label, no matter what!


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