Get Your Craft Area Organized With These Handy Tips

Having an organized craft area is key to DIY success. But what if you’re a complete scatterbrain like me? Never fear. With these 4 handy tips you too can have a sparkling gem of a craft area! 

If you’re a DIY crafting maven, then chances are you have quite the crafting area that you call home. But craft areas are one of the quickest areas to get completely cluttered and disorganized. If that sounds familiar to you, then check out these 4 keys to keeping your craft area spic and span.

1. Give Everything A Home

This is kind of Organizing 101. No matter what area of your home you are organizing, you always need to begin with giving everything a proper home and place to live. It’s hard to put something away if you don’t have a place for it, so invest in some shelving or other creative means of storing your crafting essentials. Once everything has its own home, you can easily replace it after use, which will help you keep your crafting space clean and organized.

Get Your Craft Area Organized With These Handy Tips

2. Let Go, Jack

Do you really need that dried up glue stick from 3 years ago? When was the last time you used that massive pile of ribbon or those stacks of yellowing scrapbooking paper?

Go through your crafting area and rid yourself of things you don’t need or don’t use anymore. Empty out every space and pull items out so they are visible. Be honest when assessing their value. Are you really ever going to use that? Do you have a friend that would? What about all those fancy crafting tools you never used? Could you make a few bucks by selling them on eBay?

Learn to let go of the things you don’t need and rid your space of them. This will give you a surplus of storage (and room to get new crafting tools too!).

Get Your Craft Area Organized With These Handy Tips

3. Create A Customized Crafting Kit

Many of you may already do this, but creating a customized crafting kit is a great way to stay organized.

Put together a box of your most-used tools: scissors, glue, tape, etc. and make sure they are stored in a place that’s easy and quick to access. The things you use less often? Don’t be afraid to store them in more out-of-the-way spaces like a high shelf. A vacuum bag is a great way to make sure your lesser used tools stay nice and fresh when you do decide to break them out.

Get Your Craft Area Organized With These Handy Tips

4. Treat Yo’self!

Last, but not least, reward your organizing efforts by investing in some new crafting tools and supplies. You’ve updated your space and gotten rid of all the junk in the clutter, so you now have room to fill it up with all those goodies you’ve been eyeing in the craft aisle. Not only is this okay, but it will inspire you to stay engaged with your crafts and it will motivate you to stay organized!

Get Your Craft Area Organized With These Handy Tips


So as simply as that, you can whip your entire crafting station into shape. Just by using these 4 insanely simple steps, you can create a crafting area that you are proud to share with your family, friends and loved ones. What are you waiting for? Get organized today!


 How do you keep your crafting station organized? Let me know in the replies below!




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