Organizing Hacks: Never Lose Another Hair Tie

Organizing Hacks: Never Lose Another Hair Tie

If you’re anything like me, life is a regular easter-egg hunt when it’s time to find a hair tie. However, the internet is a big and wonderful place, and in it you can find a lot of fantastic things. Like organizing ideas for hair ties! Check out these great tricks and never lose another hair tie again. 

1. Decorative Jars

Grab a few pretty, decorative jars and pop your hair ties inside each time you finish using them. You can use any style that you like, but I love this apothecary style set. If you really want to get fancy with it, you can add your own custom etching.

Organizing Hacks: Never Lose Another Hair Tie

2. Binder Rings Might Be Your Best Friend

As Bre at Average But Inspired reminds us, you can use binder rings for just about anything—including keeping all your hair ties in one place. All you have to do is clip your hair elastics onto the binder ring, which you should be able to purchase at your local dollar store. No DIY required, and you can put your elastics just about anywhere without worrying about them separating (and disappearing).

3. DIY Cylinder Stand

Driven by Decor gave us the idea for this fantastic DIY cylinder stand project that looks great and keeps your hair ties in order. All you need to make this stand is a few small gift mailer tubes and some fabric of your choice. The great things about these tube stands? They work great in or out of a drawer!

Organizing Hacks: Never Lose Another Hair Tie

4. Pillbox Control

Anyone who uses tiny elastic hair bands knows they’re even harder to keep track of than standard hair ties. A great way to keep them organized—and separated by size or color—is to use a plastic pill container, like Samantha at Simply Organized has done here.


Magnetic About It

So this isn’t a hair tie, but we all know what the bobby pin battle is like. Use magnetic stripping to keep those pins organized. Fix in a drawer or fix to a bathroom wall or cabinet to keep your pins neat and together.

Organizing Hacks: Never Lose Another Hair Tie


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