Perfect Planners for 2019

Discover the perfect planner to ring in your best 2019

The year is finally coming to a close and it’s time to get those new planners in gear and ready for a new adventure. But what if you haven’t managed to nail down your perfect personal planner yet? No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Check out this list of the 10 best planners to get your 2019 organized. Trust me, if you’re not using a personal planner — you should be. They’re a great way to keep everything straight in that busy life of yours and a great way to keep your sanity when things get chaotic.

The 10 Best Planners for 2019

2019 Smart Planner Pro and Pen+ Ellipse ($215)

Kicking off this list is this top-of-the-line personal planner the Smart Planner Pro and Pen+ Ellipse. A pricey option, this Moleskin smart system planner bridges both the analogue and digital gaps, making it great for those digital divas who love their iCalendars. With the Pen+, you can write notes, draw or plan and your notes are automatically synced with your digital devices via the free app.

To some planner-istas, the set up of this system might be a little tricky. So keep that in mind when considering an investment in this planning system. If you’re not into the digital side, you can purchase the paper planner for a respectable $35, but beware — that pen will cost you $179.

(Image Credit: Moleskine)

The MindJournal ($44)

Planning is not just a woman’s game. Welcome the MindJournal, a new mindfulness journal by men, for men. The MindJournal is designed for the modern man. According to the co-founder, Ollie Aplin, the book was designed after he was prescribed journaling by a therapist he began seeing after the death of his mother.

The MindJournal features a crushproof cover and it’s split into three parts: Warm Up, Hurdles and Strengths). This setup allows users to get used to a bit of introspection and also features daily check-ins (30 in total.) With lots of rooms for notes and brainstorming, this planner is also undated so you can write it and update it from any point you like.

(Credit: MindJournal)

The Goals Journal ($26)

There are some that like traditional scheduling and those who like an inspirational planner. The Goals Journal is the perfect mix between the two and perfect for the planner that just can’t choose between the two. This journal from Kikki K gives lots of advice on setting targets that fit the SMART model and makes users consider core values as well as the way in which they measure the success in their lives.

With a simple structure and a great amount of detail, this planner comes undated and in a 12 month format, meaning you can start your planning at any point in the year (if you just can’t be bothered to jump into the deep end on January 1st!)

Planners for 2019
(Credit: Kikki K)

Vinyl Cover Monthly Weekly Diary by Muji ($31)

This planner is simple, light and durable — great for anyone with simple planning needs and an active, on-the-go lifestyle. It runs from December 2018 and ends at the start of February 2020, and comes in yearly, monthly and weekly views. The weekly view also features a grid pattern on the opposite page for additional note-taking space.

The only real fault with this planner is that months are numbered, rather than named. There is a built-in ribbon, though, that allows you to keep your place easily.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: Muji)

The Bullet Journal Notebook ($21)

The Bullet Journal isn’t just a planner, it’s a method, commonly referred to as BuJo among dire hard bullet planner fans. Launched in the US in 2013, the Bullet Journal now has millions of dedicated followers across the world.

This planner utilizes an indexing system, not unlike the TABi notebook, which makes it extremely easy to use for notes. It also features a specified sets of bullets, which you can use to track tasks, events and ideas.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: Bullet Journal)

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 ($20)

This beauty, from Project Love, is less about scheduling and more about focusing on the sort of life you want to create. There’s no weekly, monthly or even yearly breakdown, instead there are questions and exercises which are meant to inspire you to take action and change your life.

Questions include things like, “What were your happiest moments of 2018?” and “How do you want to see yourself grow this year?” Some of the questions might be difficult to answer, but if you can dig deep, this journal might just help reveal an all new you in the New Year.

My favorite thing about this journal? It comes in a digital format and even offers an optional workshop to help you get the most from the Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 system.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: Project Love)

2019 Family Diary ($11)

I know some of you out there are mommies, who are inevitably tasked with keeping up with everyone else’s hectic schedules too. Make sure you’re never late for another football practice or playdate with this handy dandy family planner from Busy B.

This family diary is great for anyone who’s keeping a lot balls in the air, allowing you to keep up to five schedules maintained over a weekly view (“my week” and “their week”.) There’s also space for you to keep track of contacts and personal details, as well as health information and other important bits and bobs like expiry dates, shoes sizes, etc. The best bit about this planner? It’s lightweight and slim enough to fit right in your bag.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: Busy B)

Flock 2019 Daily Planner from Hello Day ($58)

Okay, this is another pricey planner but according to reviewers, a lot of thought has clearly gone into this beauty from Hello Day. Not only is the cover Pinterest-worthy, but it’s a chunky journal with 450 pages which cover the expanse of the entire year.

This planner also has a few other great features, like the “Monday Pep Talk” — which showcases beautiful inspirational quotes that help you get your week started off right — and monthly budget pages. It’s also got a lot of space (it should, with that many pages) and even gives each day its own dedicated page. There’s space to track 10-minute accomplishments, as well, and it comes packaged in a beautiful presentation box that feels more like a Christmas present than anything else.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: Hello Day)

A5 TABi Notebook ($20)

If you’re an incessant note taker, then you know what a nightmare it can be trying to find notes again once they’ve been buried in the endless abyss. That’s where the TABi Notebook comes in. It’s followers call it the “search engine for paper” and its unique system is designed to help keep you organized and your notes accessible.

You can write an index tab for every page or section, which makes it simple to find important and hastily scribbled ideas again. It features a soft touch cover, ring binding and, being the size of an A5 notebook, it’s transport friendly.

I will warn you, according to some reviewers, the edges of the paper begin to curl after a few uses. This planner has a high paper quality, though, and appears to have no bleed through with ink or highlighters.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: TABi)

Ponderlily 2019 Weekly Planner ($35)

This is one of the hottest new planners on the market and even won the Best Buy Award from the Independent for Best Indy Planner. It’s eco friendly, with a hardback cloth cover and soy-based ink and recyclable paper. Each week, there’s room for you to reflect on goals, habits and intentions, and it also gives you space to and reasons to celebrate. As if that wasn’t good enough, there’s also an hour-by-hour breakdown of every day from 5AM to 10PM.

According to the designer of this planner, Carina Lawson, she came up with the idea for this crowning gem of a journal after finding herself in a never-ending cycle of being busy, successful and exhausted. She wanted to encourage others like her to set “to-be-lists” rather than “to-do-lists” and made sure that her planners included the promotion of self-care.

Perfect Planners for 2019
(Credit: The Independent)

What do you think? Is there a planner that you’d love to see on this list? Let me know in the comments below. Have questions about one of these planners? Let me know!

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