The Best Professional Planners to Boost Your Productivity

The Most Professional Planners to Boost Your Productivity

Nothing beats a good planner, but sometimes you need more than just a pretty planner with a few inspirational quotes. But there’s a million professional planners out there. How can you choose the perfect one? Never fear. I’ve done the work for you! Check out my list of the best professional planners to help boost your productivity in 2017! 

1. Day Runner® Terramo Day Planner

This planner is perfect for a touch of feminine mixed with professional.

A beautiful deep plum color (just a tad darker than picture shown), this 3 ring binder features 2 pages / week of undated planning pages and monthly tabs. This planner has an internal pen loop, business card holder and internal pocket. It also features event and holiday calendar (US), notepad, 8 year overview, zipper pouch and address tabs! What else do you need from a planner?

The Best Professional Planners to Boost Your Productivity

Day Runner® Terramo Day Planner (401-0214) – Day Planners

2. Day Runner® Harmony Organizer

Coming in at #2 is another great professional planner from Day Runner®. The style of this planner is a bit more fresh and whimsical. It also features a whole slew of internal features, including:

  • 66 undated weekly planning pages
  • 12 undated monthly planning pages
  • 9 To-Do pages
  • Note Pages
  • Birthday and Anniversary Page
  • Hotel, Airline, Car Rental 800 numbers
  • Area Codes
  • Time Zone Information Pages
  • Double letter tabbed address pages
  • Page marker ruler
  • Note Pad
  • Zipper Pouch

With features like that, it’s impossible NOT to boost your productivity. And coming in multiple colors, how can you say no?

The Most Professional Planners to Boost Your Productivity

Day Runner® Harmony Organizer (3070-0286) – Day Planners

3. Tina’s Garden Academic Planner

This planner is for all those aspiring organistas out there who are also still doing the “university grind”. Keep yourself on task and inspired all year long with the brilliant and bright floral patterns — all while still looking professional and boosting your productivity. Featuring monthly and weekly planning pages, as well as a slew of other goodies, this is the perfect pretty and professional planner for 2017.

The Most Professional Planners To Boost Your Productivity in 2017

At-A-Glance® 2016 – 2017 Tina’s Garden Academic Weekly/Monthly Planner – Medium (104-200A 17) – Academic Planners

4. Faux Leather Weekly / Monthly

This faux lizard leather planner from Day-Timer is just your standard, professional planner. There is no frills here, folks. Featuring 12-month tabbed, two-page-monthly spread, this is the perfect planner for someone who means business…and nothing but business!

The Most Professional Planners To Boost Your Productivity in 2017

Day-Timer® 2017 Faux Lizard Weekly/Monthly Planner (3531 17) – Planners

5. The Mead® Cambridge Pocket Planner

If you’re looking for a lot of bang-for-your-buck then this pint-sized planner is for you. Boasting weekly, undated pages, this professional looking planner lets you start your organizing at any time of the year. It also has address and telephone number pages, as well as blank note-taking space for all those last minute memos.

The Most Professional Planners to Boost Your Productivity

Mead® Cambridge® Undated Weekly Pocket Planner (TLVU10) – Pocket Planners


Day Runner® Berlin Planner

The undated Berlin Planner is just too darn good to miss this list. Fashionable, stylish, chic and professional, this planner is everything you could want from a personal organizer.

The Berlin’s smart, attache style is designed for savvy business movers and shakers. Featuring soft handles and a durable canvas body, this planner and organizer is built to last. Protect your detailed plants and appointments in style.

But the Berlin Planner isn’t just a pretty face.

Underneath the hood, this personal planner and organizer has it all, including:

  • 1 1/4″ ring size
  • Two external pockets
  • 2 internal pockets
  • Pen loops
  • 2 personal electronic device pockets
  • Business card pockets
  • Undated, tabbed monthly planning pages
  • Two page per day undated planning pages
  • Event & holiday calendar
  • 8 year overview
  • Double letter-tabbed address pages
  • Note pad
  • Page marker ruler
  • Zipper pouch

If you’re a jet-setting professional with a lot going on, then this just might be the do-it-all planner and organizer for you!

The Most Professional Planners to Boost Your Productivity

Day Runner® Berlin Undated Planner (313-0307) – Day Planners

 What’s your favorite planner on this list? Let me know in the replies below!

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