21 Cleaning Habits

Great 5 minute cleaning routines that equal big results

It’s not really a secret that big, life-changing habits usually result from small changes made over time. Keeping your house clean is no different. But who has the time to keep that house spotless every day?

If you want your house to be clean, you have to clean it. Remember, cleanliness begets cleanliness, organization begets organization, etc. To get that sparkling house, you have to fold that pile or laundry or clean that toilet. It’s just gotta happen that way. But how can you set these practices up into regular habits that will help you keep your home cleaner?

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There’s no time like the start of a new year to set some new habits, so try these 21 super-easy cleaning routines to get your home in tip-top shape.

21 easiest cleaning habits that equal big results:

  1. Put worn clothes away instead of piling them up. (I see that clothes chair, Barbara.)
  2. Make your bed. Every. Morning. No excuses.
  3. Run the dishwasher before bed.
  4. Empty the dishwasher when you go to grab that coffee.
  5. Wipe out the shower after each use.
  6. Clear the table immediately after eating.
  7. Clear kitchen counters of clutter.
  8. Fold your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer.
  9. Try a “power blast” where you spend 5 minutes each night putting away clutter as quickly as you can.
  10. Put folded clothes away as soon as they’re folded.
  11. Clean up oven spills as soon as the oven cools.
  12. Wipe down kitchen sinks / drains / dishwasher drain each night.
  13. Scrub the toilet bowl quickly with hand soap and a scrubber each day.
  14. Dust one room every day.
  15. Sort and purge mail as soon as you receive it.
  16. Empty the receipts from your purse / wallet.
  17. De-crumb the dining room after each meal.
  18. Put away makeup / hair tools immediately after use — every time.
  19. Don’t use a “drop zone” when you come home from work. Take the extra 2 minutes and put everything away where it belongs.
  20. Stop the haphazard stacking. Put things where they belong in the fridge / freezer / pantry.
  21. Instead of a “junk drawer” analyze things immediately for their worth and throw them out or put them up where they belong.

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Just by picking up a few of these simple habits, you will find your home (and your life) more organized in no time. And you know what they say about an organized life…it equals happiness!

What cleaning routines do you use around the house? Share your best tips in the comments below! 

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