Want to Seem More Confident? Try These 10 Habits

Want to Seem More Confident? Try These 10 Habits

It’s no secret, there’s a certain something about confident people that makes them stand above the rest. If you want to seem more confident, then try these 10 habits of highly confident people. 

It was Henry Ford that once said,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

Ford was right in his meaning. Our thoughts have a direct impact over our success and how people perceive us. That goes doubly for confident people who, according to a recent study by the University of Melbourne, earn promotions more quickly and have higher success rates than those less confident.

But how do they make this happen?

Confident people, when studied closely, adhere to a very basic set of habits which allow them to stay focused. Becoming confident and successful is a labor of love which has taken work and practice each day for them, and requires constant focus on the goals ahead.

So how can that make you more confident? By studying and emulating these habits, you too can boost your confidence and your success. It’s all up to you.

1. Look for Little Victories

Confident people are competitive people and every victory counts — even the small ones. Not only does this boost self-esteem, but this can literally change the chemistry of your brain. Think of it like a magic shot that can boost your productivity and confidence biologically! These biological and emotional boosts make your more resilient to stress and helps give you the confidence to tackle bigger tasks in the future. So look at even your smallest victories as building blocks to even bigger and better ones!

Want to Seem More Confident? Try These 10 Habits

2. Confident Speaking

Even if you don’t feel certain, you need to speak certain. You’ll rarely hear a confident person using awkward words like “Uh..” and “Umm…”. When they speak, they speak on things they know and they speak confidently. If you can’t deliver your ideas with conviction, how do you expect others to take them on board, after all?

3. Avoid the Attention

How turned off do you get when you see a desperate attention seeker? No one likes someone desperate for the spotlight and that goes doubly for confident people.

Confident people don’t need the appraisal of the crowd. Truly confident people know that the only way to prove yourself is by being authentic. Just having the right attitude is enough, you don’t need to know a million people or have a million friends. You just have to own your opinion and your space.

When a confident person is singled out, they prefer to quickly shift the attention to the others that helped them achieve their goal. That shows a true humility that can’t be faked. Self-worth comes from within, not without.

Want to Seem More Confident? Try These 10 Habits

4. Judgement-Free

People who are truly confident don’t look to pass judgement or the blame. When we judge, we compare, and when we compare ourselves to others we’re only asking for trouble. Confident people know how limiting it can be to worry about whether or not everyone they meet measures up to their high standards. So learn to let the judgements go.

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but exercise is a key to feeling and appearing more confident. I’m sure you know all about how running gets those endorphins going, and that’s true, but getting fit makes you feel more confident in your appearance…which makes you in turn feel more confident in other aspects of your life.

The higher your fitness, the higher your self-esteem, so take some time each day to make sure you get that blood pumping and that heart racing.

6. Seek Your Happiness Within

Happiness is a key component to confidence — that’s not rocket science. But you can’t be truly happy until you recognize that happiness comes from within, not without. If you want to be secure in what you do, then you need to be happy with who you are. Work on finding happiness in your own success, and stop worrying about what the outside world thinks of your perceived success. Once you realize that only you can make you happy, the confidence will follow.

Want to Seem More Confident? Try These 10 Habits

7. Take A Risk

When was the last time you saw a truly confident person hesitate? Very rarely. Confident people know how to seize opportunity. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, they imagine what the outcome could be if everything went right. Fear doesn’t hold back a confident person and it shouldn’t hold you back either. Carpe Diem!

8. Celebrate The Success of Others

While insecure people doubt themselves and are more likely to criticize others and steal the spotlight. People who are not insecure, however, draw their self-worth from within — making them better able to identify and revel in the success of the people around them.

9. Don’t Speak…Listen

Not having anything to prove means that confident people listen more than they speak. Knowing that other people have knowledge and perspective means you are willing to learn and grow, a key to confidence. Instead of listening to react (and therefore prove themselves), they listen openly as they know this is a more enjoyable and productive experience. This makes them great leaders and overwhelming successes in any field they choose.

Try listening more than you speak and consider the many different points of view that the people around you represent. Not only will this bolster your relationships, but it will also make you feel more secure and confident. Need help with this? Try emotional intelligence training.

10. Never Be Afraid of Being Wrong

The true mark of someone who is secure is putting yourself out there. By putting your opinions or thoughts out in the open, you are showing that you aren’t afraid to be wrong, that you value growth and differing opinions. Don’t treat being wrong as a personal slight, and don’t ever assume your knowledge is superior to others — even if you’re an expert. After all, life is about learning and growing!

Want to Seem More Confident? Try These 10 Habits


Remember, becoming confident is a journey, not an overnight pitstop. If you want to be more secure and successful try practicing these habits each and every day. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself living a more authentic life than ever before, secure in your own skin.

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