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The Sensible Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together

While we’re in the midst of the “new year, new me” month, it seemed like the perfect time to release the complete Lady Vivra guide to sensibly getting your sh*t together.

When it comes to getting it all “together” there’s a lot of things to consider: career, relationship, mindset and your general ability to just do sh*t. Sometimes, life is hard and just getting off the couch is an accomplishment. So, it’s important to make sure you’re fully ready to start tackling things before you actually begin getting into it.

It’s also important to consider why you want to get your life straightened out. Is it for your benefit? Is it for someone else’s?

Whatever the reason, I’m assuming you’re here because you’re ready for the straightforward guide to getting your sh*t together — sensibly. Well, here’s some steps that are sure to get you set off in the right direction.

The Sensible Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together

Step 1: Figure out what areas of your life need to be tackled.

It would be pretty hard to set out on a journey if you didn’t know where you were going, and the same can be said for your life. If you don’t know what’s going wrong in your life, it’s hard to fix it — so sit down and look at some core areas:

Career: Are you in an enjoyable, satisfying job that progresses well? Does it earn a fair living? Does it add to the quality and color of your life?

Spirituality: What does this mean to you? Is this something in your life that needs to be fulfilled at all? 

Social Life: Are you friendships solid and stable? Do you socialize regularly? Do you get on well with people and make friends easily? Is your family life happy?

Mental Sphere: Are you happy and content? Are you depressed? Do you accept yourself? Are you confident? Self assured? 

Physicality: How is your diet and exercise regime? Are you avoiding or limiting alcohol and drugs? Are you in good overall health?

Finances: Is your spending under control? How is your savings account looking? What’s your ‘bad debt’? Are you on track with your student loan payments? What’s your income like?

Consider these questions and how they fit into your overall happiness quotient? To what level does your spirituality need to be satisfied? Your family life? Be honest with yourself and concrete about your wants and goals. When you know what you want from the year, it’s easier to organize your sh*t around it.

Step 2: Get a planner.

It seems like pretty standard advice from someone who runs an organizing blog but it’s true — if you want to get organized, get yourself a planner.

Missing appointments and meetings is a surefire sign to the world that you don’t have it together. When you’re perennially late the world stops expecting things of you and that becomes a long slow slide into disappointment. Having a planner can help keep you organized and can help avoid all those late bills and missed “to-do’s”.

Find a planner that works for you and use it — religiously! Write down every little detail of your day, no matter how big or small, and watch it pay off in dividends in no time.


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Step 3: Prioritize your sh*t.

It’s all good knowing what you need to fix and having a schedule for fixing it, but I have some bad news for you. None of that is going to work out if you can’t prioritize what’s most important and what’s least important.

There’s not enough hours in the day. Those are just the facts. So if you want to successfully get your sh*t together, you’re going to have to learn how to prioritize. Look at the list of things in your life that need to be fixed. Rearrange them in the order of the things that are most important (a la that late notice) and the things that are the least important (binging that entire season of the very last thing on your Netflix list.)

Tackle the big stuff first and get it out of the way. You’ll feel better and if the rest of the day doesn’t turn out like you planned (let’s face it, what day does) then only the little stuff get’s missed out. And you know what they say about the little stuff: it ain’t worth sweating over.

Step 4: Carpe all the diems — all the time. (Stop procrastinating)

Procrastination is one of the number one ways we get ourselves in trouble. It also happens to be one of the most common causes of people losing their sh*t. Stop waiting until the last minute to get things done and do them before they need to be done.

It’s a novel concept, but taking just a few minutes the night before to plan the day ahead can really change your life game. Sit down in the evenings and take a look at where you have to be the next day and what exactly has to get done — from the most important task to the least important task. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to do everything and always allow for more time than you need. The night before is also a great time to lay out things like clothes and car keys, as well as any books or office materials you might need.

You’ll be amazed how peaceful your life becomes when that frantic morning hustle becomes a little less frantic.

Step 5: Hold yourself accountable.

Hold yourself accountable for your mistakes and missteps (but don’t punish yourself for them.) Getting your sh*t together isn’t easy and there’s going to be some hurdles along the way.

smiling woman wearing pink sweater

Going from chaos to peace is not an all in one process and there’s going to be mistakes. Allow for them, but take accountability from them and learn from them. If you’re struggling getting things done in a timely manner, set yourself a timer and stick to it. If you only give yourself 5 minutes for that task, walk away after 5 minutes.

Don’t make excuses for your behaviors, reactions or missteps. Just acknowledge them and move on. Only when you accept it can you address it!

Step 6: Break it down.

You’ve got a clear list of goals. You’ve got them prioritized and even broken down into a pretty little planner. You’re ready to rock this year. Pedal to the metal.

Woah. Slow down, there.

It feels good when you start to get it together, but it’s easy to get carried away (trust me, I’m an Aries…I know.) Don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish but remember to break it down into bite sized chunks.

It’s most likely that you have some really big tasks that you need to tackle in order to get your sh*t together. Take on those tasks one at a time and really allow yourself time in-between to rest, recharge and refocus yourself before you jump into the next big battle. If you don’t break things down, it will become easier for tasks and goals to overlap, becoming lost in one another and unconquerable to you.

Break it down and keep it focused. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Step 7: Switch-off & unsubscribe.

In order for you to truly be able to focus on yourself, you need to be free of distractions. That means unplugging and unsubscribing.

Getting your sh*t together is a lot easier when you can slow down a little bit and refocus on you. There’s this really common misconception that the busier we are, the more plugged in we are to the world, the easier it is to get motivated — but that’s a lie. When we are too plugging into the world around us, the tech and social media worlds, it can be easier to get muddled down and overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that we lose sight of what’s really important to us.

Stop to smell the roses. Turn off that cell phone and deactivate that Facebook account. It’s hard to get a big picture view of your life when you can’t even get a snapshot of your own priorities;  don’t get bogged down in everyone else’s constant bombardment of photos and status updates.

woman holding red flower

Step 8: Move that body.

We don’t want to hear it. We never want to hear it. It’s a truth, though and it’s never going away: exercise is good for us.

Moving your body is one of the best things you can do for your health, no matter how you do it. You don’t have to go to a gym and sweat for an hour to start seeing an improvement in your life, but science shows that regular movement gets the blood pumping and sweats out toxins, increasing longevity.

When we think of people that have their sh*t together, do we think of couch potatoes? I know I don’t.

Get up and move.

Step 9: Be more grateful.

Want to be one of those confident people that just seems to have it all and knows it? Try being a little more grateful.

There’s really little purpose on going through life if you aren’t going to appreciate anything about it. So, take a moment each day to consider the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Do you love your dog? Your cat? Your kids? Are you grateful for that new job or that great apartment? It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, just notice it and appreciate it and bask in the happiness of it.

woman holding flower on field

Even if you’re having the worst day of your life, try to find something to be grateful for. It’s especially helpful to practice this in the morning, when spilled coffee and traffic jams are as common as clouds in Scotland. Focus on the good things and be grateful for them.

Step 10: Focus on the now.

I know I spent the first half of this article telling you to focus on your goals for the future, but if you really want to have your sh*t together you can’t dwell there — you have to live in the present moment.

Planning for the day ahead is one thing. Having a general outline for the months and years ahead is, also, one thing. But trying to plan every single little minute detail of your distant future? That’s just craziness.

You have to be present in the moment or you’re going to miss out on life entirely. If you become so focused on the destination (of being a person who has their sh*t together) that you miss out on the journey, what’s the point? You’ll miss out on all the little details that taught the lessons that made the journey worthwhile in the first place.

Remember to live in the moment. Feel the now and breathe it in, because it only lasts for a second. Enjoy your life, here in the present, and embrace it…because it’s yours.


So if you want to live a better life and get your sh*t together, it’s not about some radical changes. It’s all about taking small steps that can help you get to a more peaceful, fulfilled future. Live in the now and prioritize the things in your life that matter most. Get a planner and use it, focusing on the things in your day that matter most and add up to big results. Stop wasting time and get a jump on things, leaving that procrastination in the past where it belongs.

If you want to get your sh*t together, start sensibly.

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