The 11 best ways to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals

The 11 best ways to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals

We live in a crazy time in history where daily life is often more unpleasant than it is pleasant. From constant negativity on the TV to struggles in our personal and professional lives, it can be hard to stay motivated and inspired to do your best.

Rejection and stress are just a part of life. If we can’t identify motivators in the world around us, it becomes impossible to stay focused and successful. By practicing a few carefully crafted habits, you can stay motivated and achieve more than you ever have before.

Check out these 11 habits that are proven to help keep you motivated and inspired.

The 11 best ways to stay motived and focused on success

1. Break goals down into smaller pieces.

Goals are big sometimes and that’s a great thing. Big goals can be hard to achieve, though, so it’s smart to break them down into more manageable chunks. Set target deadlines and break the bigger picture down into smaller more task-oriented goals. Take that cluttered closet as an example. Start by tackling the shoes before moving onto belts. Once that’s done, move to winter wear and then summer wear. Before you know it, that closet will be cleared out.

Remember: It’s not always about going big. Sometimes it’s about going smart.

2. Visualize the results you want.

According to Forbes, if you want to stay motivated you need to visualize the results you want. Imagine what it will feel like when you achieve your end goal. Will you be elated? Relaxed? Fulfilled? Imagine the things that fuel you and the exhilaration you’ll feel when everything is done and dusted.

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3. Make sure your goals are actually your goals.

If you want to stay motivated, make sure the goals you’ve set for yourself are actually your goals. Getting the things we want requires intrinsic motivation, and if you’re going after something you don’t really want success can be almost impossible.

“One of the biggest challenges in staying motivated and sticking to our goals is making sure that the goals we have set are ones we really want to attain,” says Karen Strunks, a motivational trainer. “Sometimes, we set goals based on what we think we ‘should’ do. Or we base them on what other people say.”

Really assess your goals and make sure they’re the things you really want. There’s no point in chasing someone else’s aspirations. You’ll never find happiness that way.

4. Organize your life.

Take some time to sit down and organize your space and your thoughts. When you’re working on big projects, your energy can get zapped by over-cluttered work spaces and minds. Take those thoughts out of your overtaxed mind and put them on paper (or in the computer.) Turn it into an organized list and make a plan of attack. Schedule specific times to accomplish each task then take some time to organize your work space with a flow that helps you operate more efficiently.

5. Stop worrying about things you can’t control.

Life coach Stacia Pierce recently did a great piece with The Huffington Post. In it, she talks about letting go of stressing over things you can’t control.

“Take control of what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t,” Stacia told the publication. You’ll find yourself paralyzed if you spend all your time focusing on the “what ifs” so learn to let things go and focus on producing quality work in your personal and professional lives.

6. Connect with the energy of those around you.

It’s important to surround yourself with positive thinkers that inspire you to do more. These kinds of people radiate positive energy and can help keep you on track and feeling good about the journey. We need people in our lives that stimulate conversation and passion, and as human beings we need that exchange of energy and ideas. Remember to give as good as you get, though. One sided streets are a sure way to implosion and stress.

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7. Don’t center your motivation around money.

Money seems like the main motivator in life, but setting all your motivation around it is a recipe for failure. While money can be a great initial motivator, it’s very hard to maintain financial motivation if the work you’re doing is hard or stressful.

Doing hard work for a long enough period of time will leave you disgruntled, and you’ll find that no amount of money is worth the exchange of your time and life force. If the goals you’re going after aren’t aligned to who you are as a person, there’s little money will do to change that. Be true to yourself and set goals that are aligned to your personality and integrity.

8. Always remember the bigger picture.

If you want to stay on track with your goals keep your “top tier goal” in mind at all times. This is especially beneficial when doing tasks that are less than pleasant, and helps us keep the bigger picture in mind.

If you’re having a week where you’re just not feeling it, remember: this work isn’t about today. It’s about something much, much bigger. Tomorrow.

9. Remember why you set your goals in the first place.

Maria Moraca recently did a piece with Tiny Buddha where she stressed the importance of remember the reasons behind your goals. When things feel overwhelming, it’s good to take a few moments to remind yourself why you chose that goal in the first place. Was it to improve your quality of life? Was it to help improve the clarity with which you analyze your work? Whatever it, really focus in on those things that inspired you to set the goal in the goal in the first place. You’ll stay motivated and inspired to success.

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10. Dig for the positive.

Read or listen to positive information every day. By filling your mind with uplifting and inspiring information, you’ll keep yourself inspired and remind yourself that success if possible. Go to a bookstore or a library. Find at least one book on a positive topic that will give you a boost and read it with an open mind every single day. These constant reminders will make sure you know that you are capable (and deserving) of achievement.

11. Consistency is key.

If you want to stay motivated and inspired — you need to stay consistent. Take action every day and don’t leave things until the last minute. Even if you’re in the mood, make sure that you do one small proactive thing each day and make sure it moves always toward your ultimate goal. It can be as small as a Tweet, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure to take steps toward your goals every day.

Putting it all together…

If you want to stay motivated and inspired this year, then make yourself accountable. Take positive action toward your goals every day, no matter how small that action is. Assess your goals regularly and honestly and make sure that what you’re doing is for you and no one else. Keep the bigger picture in mind and really try to remember why you set you goals in the first place. Staying motivated isn’t an easy task, but it’s easily within your reach — you just need to step up to the plate and swing for it.

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