It's time to stop lying to ourselves and start getting real

It’s time to stop lying to yourself and start getting real

As humans we lie about everything from the food we ate for breakfast to how we feel about our best friend’s choice of attire. We tell big lies and we tell small lies and — more often than not — these lies have the purpose of protection.

Lies are a defense mechanism meant to protect us from the uncomfortable reality of our beliefs and the behaviors we engage in. They shield us from accountability and they also protect the ones we love from similar realities and home truths that make them wriggle.

We lie; but the worst kind of lying we engage in is the lying that we do with ourselves in the quiet of our own internal realms.

This type of lying shapes the way we see ourselves and the world. It impacts everything from our peace of mind to our emotional stability. When we lie to ourselves we destroy ourselves and put our minds in a prison. Frozen, in stasis, unhappiness and unfulfillment rein supreme.

The Lying Cycle

Often, the lies we tell ourselves start off small, but after repeating them for years they become beliefs that reinforce our negative behaviors and emotions.When we lie to ourselves, we start to live in an illusion of being someone we’re not and we lose touch with ourselves and our passions.

When we lie to ourselves we destroy our peace and our emotional freedom. It effects not only the way we see ourselves, but the way we see the people around us. We wallow in half-truths and (without any concrete evidence) form a personality around a skewed perception we have of ourselves.

The cycle is never-endless and reinforces itself by creating beliefs that generate negative emotions which then generate negative behaviors. When we see how poorly we act, we reinforce that negative self-dialogue that we all engage in and the cycle goes on and on.

We can end this cycle of self-delusion but it takes effort and it takes honesty. You have to take step back and get critical with not only ourselves but our intentions. Are you as terrible as you think you are or is that just a more convenient lie to believe?

The 6 Lies Everyone Tells Themselves (And How You Can Stop Them)

There are a range of lies we tell ourselves, but there are 6 core lies that everyone engages in — no matter how happy or confident they may be.

By getting a handle on these central misbeliefs, you can transform your life and give yourself the chance to grow in an all new direction. Things will only get better when you stop making excuses and start making some honest assessments.

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