Quit self-sabotaging. You deserve to be happy.

Quit self-sabotaging. You deserve good things.

We all deal with a little negative self talk from time-to-time, but fighting that battle regularly can lead to self-sabotaging behavior. It’s easy to spot our self-sabotaging cycles, but it can be harder to stop them. Just because you realize that you’re messing up and selling yourself short don’t mean you know how to fix it. …

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This is why you're so miserable (it's not what you think)

This why you’re so miserable (it isn’t what you think)

While our Instagram profile might be stacked like a highlight reel, many of us are living and operating in completely miserable states. Life is full of ups and downs and — though we claim we want to be happy — we often find ourselves chasing the things and the lifestyles that bring us down. We invite misery into our …

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