The 6 holy commandments of decorating small spaces

The 6 holy commandments of decorating small spaces

Tiny homes and minimalist living is all the rage right now. If you follow any sort of small space or tiny home living, then you’ll know all about this trend. These picturesque homes and spaces dot Pinterest and Instagram. Stunningly beautiful, it’s sometimes hard to remember that people actually live in these spaces!

It’s trickier than it seems, though.

Living in a small space isn’t as easy as social media makes it out to be. Small space living can mean figuring out how to fit an entire home in less than 500 sq ft or less.

How can you make that little space look Home & Garden Magazine worthy?

Follow these 6 holy commandments of small space decorating, of course.

The 6 Holy Commandments of Small Space Decorating

1. Learn to think vertically.

When decorating small spaces, think vertically. Designing your space up and down, rather than side to side, creates an illusion of clean and clutter-free. Vertical designing tricks your guests into thinking your small space is bigger than it really is.

Think about the details and get creative. Under the bed and couch are also great ways to conceal and store.

2. Let the windows shine.

When working in small spaces you need to keep ventilation in mind. You also want to consider natural light and how to utilize in the best way. Don’t block windows by cluttering your “stuff” in front of them. Let the windows and they will help illuminate your space — which makes it feel even larger.

3. Double duty furniture.

You can have a stylish and functional small space. If you want to pack a punch into you tiny decor, try to invest in furniture and decor pieces that serve form and function. Cabinets and shoe racks are items that can be sourced or up-cycled stylishly. Little things can make all the difference too. Start small, by switching that pop-up hamper for a woven one a bit more chic.

4. Keep and buy only what you need.

It’s easy to over-buy in this material-driven world. We convince ourselves that we need things we don’t. We buy things we know we don’t need.

If you want to maximize the aesthetic of your small space, cut out the junk and only buy things you absolutely need. Put a lid on those impulses and start taking charge of  your own life. If you’re weak (like me) cut back on your storage space to discourage poor purchase habits.

“If you build it, you will fill it,” says Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey. “Don’t build shelves and cabinets unless you KNOW for sure you need them. Otherwise they create clutter and will make you want to buy things with which to fill them. Wait until you live in your house for some time before adding unnecessary storage.”

5. Light colors are your best friend.

Dark and bold colors can be chic. They can also completely collapse and already small space.

Use white or light colors for the walls in your small spaces. Painted walls lead your eyes to a focal point and help to open up a room. Combined with natural light, these neutral colors are illuminated, which creates a warm and cozy feeling.

6. Scale up.

Let go of that teenage dream, it’s time to pull your space into adulthood. Focus on single larger statements items. Instead of displaying several smaller items, save on space and make your space look more chic. By reducing visual clutter you can keep spaces looking open and airy. Think carafe on the counter instead of all 6 wine glasses. (They can go in the cabinets.) Keep it classy.

Putting it all together…

Decorating small spaces doesn’t have to be difficult. By scaling up and focusing on vertical design, you can create an open and airy space. Light colors will help you open up the space even further, and leaving windows unblocked will create the warmth and coziness we all enjoy. Buy only what you need and get creative. If you can dream it, your small space can be it.

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