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Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

Summer is quickly approaching and we know what that means — friends, family and visitors. You don’t want to get caught with a dirty house, so that means it’s time to get organizing! Use these hot tips to get your home organized and spotless. You can thank me later…

1. Let Colors Work for You

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to organize is to color code? Let colors do the work for you by visually organizing everything from important files and documents to the clothes in your closet. Stop worrying about all those labels and invest in some pretty color coordination instead. It’s one of the easiest ways to organize your home!

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips
Doesn’t that just make you want to get organized?

2. Don’t Forget The Carriage

When we talk about organizing, we often forget to think about one of the most important places — the car! Make your car seating work double-time for you by using the back of seats as instant organizers. Fill handy pockets with everything from first aid needs to child entertainment. What’s really important is not to forget that your car needs organized too!

3. CD’s? Not This Time!

Did you know that you can use CD organizers to keep all those pesky Tupperware lids neat and accounted for? This is hands down one of my favorite kitchen hacks and has changed my food-saver lid game. Get your lid game strong too by using these CD racks to organize your kitchen cabinets.

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

4. Rank and File

If you think those cardboard organizers are just for magazines and paper files, think again. Use a magazine holder to organize all those bathroom necessities like straighteners and curling irons. It will keep everything upright and organized so you can get to the things that really matter!

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

5. The Ceiling’s the Limit

If you’re running out of storage space in that garage, why not look to the ceiling? Ceiling storage is a great way to save on space and add additional storage to your garage or storage area. Pack things away up here that you use infrequently but want to keep around.

6. Double Up to Double Down

Too many clothes? Running out of storage space in that walk-in you thought would save the day? Try doubling up on hangers! My favorite trick is to use a coke can tab to connect hangers. You’ll save on space and add a whole new edge to your wardrobe organizing game!

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

7. Pottering About the Garden

Just like we sometimes overlook the car, the garden shed is another oft-overlooked space that can greatly benefit from organizing. Keep tools handy and organized by using towel bars to hang them. You’ll save yourself space for more gardening goodies and your tools will be easily accessible as well!

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

8. DIY No Slip Hangers

Tired of your shirts slipping off into the floor? Simply wrap a bit of pipe cleaner around your hangers to transform them into no-slip hangers instead!

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

9. Tic-Tac Spice

Looking for a clever way to organize your spices? Use empty (and clean!) Tic-Tac containers to organize your spices.

Organize Your Home With These Top Organizing Tips

10. Pretty Away That Clutter

Have areas that always seem to end up covered in clutter? Use pretty decorative objects to fill that space and prevent clutter. Place nice plants, decorative trinkets or any other pretty decorative piece that strikes the fancy.

What’s your favorite trick to keeping your home and life organized? Let me know in the comments below and I just might share it here on Lady Vivra!

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