The Ultimate Last-Minute Holiday Hosting Checklist

The holiday season is looming upon us. Are you ready to entertain all those friends and family members? Make sure your party or get together goes off without a hitch by using this last-minute holiday hosting checklist!

It’s 1 week until the event. Have you…?

  • Deep cleaned the public rooms?
  • Planned appetizer, dinner and cocktail menus?
  • Composed the shopping list?
  • Gone shopping?
  • Laid out table linens, place mats, napkin, runners, etc?
  • Planned and purchased decorations?

It’s 2-3 days until the event. Have you…?

  • Pick up any last minute food items?
  • Purchased all cocktail ingredients?
  • Prep and make any non-perishable items?
  • Choose and lay out outfit?
  • Clear all clutter from public rooms and store away?
  • Pick up any items that are being borrowed or rented?

The Ultimate Last-Minute Holiday Hosting Checklist

It’s 1 day until the event. Have you…?

  • Given a final clean to public rooms like the living room and bathroom?
  • Clear and designate a space for guest coat, bag and shoe storage?
  • Arrange what you can on serving platters and store accordingly?
  • Set up decorations?
  • Take time to relax and unwind in preparation of hosting?

It’s the day of the event. Have you?

  • Tidied up common areas one last time?
  • Dusted, swept and vacuumed as needed?
  • Allowed yourself plenty of time to get ready?
  • Set up table and food or drink stations?
  • Finish prepping the food?
  • Offered guests refreshments as they arrived (allowing you to finish any last minute prep)?

The Ultimate Last-Minute Holiday Hosting Checklist

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