15 Ingenious Organizing Ideas for Every Home

Have you ever heard the saying, “there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat”? (Macabre, I know.) Well, that goes for organizing too! Check out these 15 ingenious organizing tips that will leave you thinking, “How have I never thought of this before?”

1. The Plastic Bag Dilemma

We all have that drawer or that bag hanging off the pantry that is absolutely STUFFED with plastic bags. Instead of stuffing them into a chaotic, nasty mess, why not try folding them instead? This will not only make the bags look neater, but it makes them easier to store and easier to carry (pre-filling of course!).

2. Upside Down Shelves = Organizing Awesomeness

Don’t want to shell out for shelf dividers, but tired of the shelf mess in your closet? The next time you install shelves, try installing them UPSIDE DOWN. Yep, you read that right. Installing the shelves upside down creates automatic shelf dividers! Bye, bye mess!

3. Purse Organizers Are Your Friend

Forget the days of the cluttered, I can’t find anything, purses. Invest in a purse organizer and never lose another stick of gum, hand sanitizer, lipstick or cell phone again.

4. Upcycle Those Cereal Boxes

Use an upcycled cereal box to create a great storage pocket for your important receipts, menus, to-do lists, field trips forms, etc. The best part about it? It can hang right on the refrigerator door! Get the DIY instruction HERE.

5. Gone Digital? Those Racks Still Have A Purpose…

Just because you aren’t using those old CD racks anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Place them in drawers to create incredible Tupperware lid storage. Don’t go digging for lids anymore. Keep them organized!

6. Pegging Around

Use pegboard to create impeccable dish storage in the kitchen.

7. Create A Measuring Cup Paradise

Using some chalkboard paint and the back of a cupboard door, create an incredible measuring cup storage system.

8. Utensil Dividers Have More Than 1 Use

Replace that shabby old toothbrush holder with a utensil divider that allows you to easily store the entire families dental tools.

9. Commercial Bottles Are Out

Replace those awkwardly sized shampoo and shower gel bottles with uniform bottles. It will easily give the appearance of neatness and cleanliness.

10. Making Up Drawers

Makeup always scattered? Use heavy poster board to create customized makeup storage that fits into any drawer space. Get the instructions HERE.

11. The Dollar Store Is The Place To Be

Dollar store storage bins make the perfect under-the-sink storage for bathroom organizing. (Don’t forget the labels!)

12. Doorknobs? What Doorknobs?

Use the doorknobs of your choice to create the perfect additional shower caddy storage.

13. Hang ‘Em Up

Hang sunglasses from a chain or bungee suspended between two hooks, or mounted as shown below.

14. Tension Can Be A Good Thing

Use tension rods to hang and store scarves, socks, and other miscellaneous accessories.

15. There’s Still Life In Those Old CD’s Yet

You probably never thought of this one, huh? Use your old scratched up CDs, or blanks purchased from the store or online, to create rack organizers.

    What do you think? Have more great ideas? I’d love to see them in the comments below, or on the Lady Vivra Facebook Page!

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