8 Essential Home Projects for Fall
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8 Essential Home Projects for Fall

Fall is upon us and its time to get your home ready for winter. Make sure you’ve got all your essential home projects ticked off the list with these 8 must-do around-the-house activities. 

1. Get Your Chimney Ready

Creosote buildup is a dangerous reality for homeowners with chimneys. To avoid any dangerous repercussions like house fire, hire a professional chimney cleaner to ensure your chimney is ready for the long winter months ahead.

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2. Deep Clean Your Home

You and your family are going to be spending a lot more time indoors, so it’s time to sweep out all those dust bunnies and dead bugs and get your home spick and span. Clean beneath furniture, rotate & beat mattresses, beat the rugs, etc. Give yourself a fighting chance and clear out all the old junk that might compromise your immune system.

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3. Clean Out the Gutters

By cleaning your gutters out 2x a year (fall and spring), you can look forward to 20-30 years of use. However, gutters that are cleaned less often are more likely to collapse, back up and lead to excessive damage of your home and yard.

Find an affordable provider and have your gutters cleaned out professionally. That way, you know your gutters will get the best clean and you can find out if you have any damages that need to be repaired.

4. Check Your Roof

If you live in an area that sees a lot of snow or ice in the winter months, it’s important to check your roof. Look for any soft spots or missing shingles. This will allow you to get a jump on things and prevent any damage from snow, rain or ice in the cold winter months. If you notice any problems, contact a professional to find out how your roof can best be repaired and readied for the cold ahead.

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5. Clean Up the Yard and Garden

The winter break is in sight, but before the snows fall, make sure your yard and flowerbeds are strong enough to weather it. Remove spent stems, leaves and dead branches from your garden and yard to help keep it pristine and strong. Planting shrubs in the early fall can give their roots a head start, and after the first frost is the best time to plant daffodils, tulips and crocuses for the spring.

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6. Stow Your Outdoor Furniture Away

It’s going to be cooling down and you’re less likely to be sitting or entertaining outside. Stow away your outdoor furniture in a secure place – like a storage shed. For fabric cushions, wrap them first in plastic to protect them from any mice or bugs that might seek to nest in the them during the chilly months ahead.

7. Tune up the Furnace

Winter is the one time of the year when you can’t afford for your furnace to go out. Call out a professional and have your furnace looked over.

8. Give Your Lawn Some TLC

If you’re a stickler for the beauty of your front lawn, look into a lovely fall treatment of fertilization and aeration. The fertilization will enrich your soil and keep it looking green, while the aeration will open up the soil and the roots and allow a higher content of oxygen to reach the roots. This will make your lawn more resilient and help it thrive in the winter months.



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