Hi! My name is E.B. and welcome to my organization journey!

I started this site as a way to share my path to getting organized with others. You see, I was not born organized, self-possessed or cultured woman. Far from it. My natural state is one of absolute chaos with as much attention to organization as to theoretical physics.

My life was nothing but clutter and mess until I decided to turn things around and get myself motivated and organized. Using just a few simple tricks and some really creative ideas, I turned my life around and you can too!

This site is all about sharing the things I’ve learned along the way with you, my readers. I want to give you the same tools I used to transform my life and I want to help us all discover new ones one article at a time. Have some great tips? Share them with me! I love to learn.

So come along on this journey and learn not only how to transform your home, but your very life as well, through organizing, green living and some great lifestyle and living tips!

– ❤️ E.B.