The Best Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips For Every Room in Your House

The Best Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips For Every Room in Your Home

Are you still struggling with getting down to business and spring cleaning your home? No worries! Check out these super easy spring cleaning tips for every room of your house. You’ll be grateful that you did! 


It’s All About the Circle

Start on the right side of your stove (traditionally the dirtiest part of the kitchen) and then move clockwise around the room cleaning each trouble spot you come to. Why clean in a clockwise pattern? This helps you to minimize the dirt you spread and will help you to make sure everything is tackled.

Sink Sanitizer

Did you know that a dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria on it than your toilet seat? Yep. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure you sanitize the kitchen sink. You can make your own (chemical-free) sanitizer by spraying your sink down with soap and water, followed by a mist of vinegar and a mist of hydrogen peroxide. Trust me, you’ll be thankful that you did!

Dish It Out

Your dishwasher is also a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria like E. coli, so it’s important to make sure you are cleaning it regularly as well. Try a product called Dishwasher Magic or, once a week, wipe down the inside with baking soda to remove those yucky food and grease stains.

The Best Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips For Every Room in Your House

Dispose of that Disposer Odor

To keep that dish disposal clean and smelling fresh, drop in a lemon, some salt and a couple of ice cubes. The lemon will disinfect and clear out odors, while the ice and the salt will remove the residue that makes the smell!

Sponge it Up

Sponges are an absolute breeding ground for bacteria, so disinfect yours by wringing it out and microwaving it on high for one minute to kill germs.


Sparkling Doors

Get clean, sparkling shower doors by spreading a lemon oil over the glass twice a month. This will cause all that water to bead up and roll off, while making your bathroom smell great. You can also use a product like Rain X to keep shower doors looking great.

Cleaner Liners

If your shower curtain is beginning to look a bit mildewy, then just throw it in the wash with a few towels. The towels help scrub the liner, removing the buildup and making it look as good as new!

Toilet Time

A great way to clean your toilet the non-toxic way? Drop a packet of Tang Drink Mix in the bowl. The citric acid acts as a scrubber and there’s no danger if Bosco (that’s a great dog name, right?) gets in for a quick drink!

The Best Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips For Every Room in Your House


Start With the Bed

It’s the centerpiece of the bedroom, so it’s always good to start cleaning the bedroom with the bed. A bedroom automatically looks cleaner when the bed is made, so make a special effort to make the bed every day. If you want to minimize that work, pull the covers to your chin before getting up and scissor kick your way out of bed. The bed will be half made before you ever get out!

Drawer It Out

We all have those drawers packed full of things we never wear. So, to get a cleaner room and to create more storage, thin out your wardrobe. Throw out or donate things that you haven’t worn in a year or more. This will not only minimize your future cleaning time, but it will make you feel great too!


Dryer Sheets Be Gone

Did you know that dryer sheets can strip towels of their absorbency? To avoid this problem, try using adding a 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. If you’re not a vinegar fan, try adding 2 new, clean tennis balls to your next drying cycle. They’ll give you the same effect as dryer sheets, without stripping your towels.

The Best Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips For Every Room in Your House

The Colder the Better

Nearly everything (with the exception of towels, sheets and underwear) can be washed on cold. This will not only prevent shrinking, but it’s better for your electricity bill and the environment.


Time It Out

Chores seem a lot less daunting when you know how long they take. The next time you dive into spring cleaning mode, time how long it takes you to complete each chore. This will not only make future chores easier to do, but it will help you plan and organize your cleaning schedule more efficiently.

Double Duty

Chores are easier to do when we multitask. The next time you find yourself on the phone for a lengthy conversation, why not try folding the laundry or sweeping that kitchen floor. It will make the chore go by far more quickly and will keep you entertained and happy too.


When you’re vacuuming those high-traffic areas, make sure to vacuum corner-to-corner. Begin in the furthest corner and work your way towards the door. This will make sure you pick up any debris you might drop along the way.


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