Sustainable Consumption: The 9 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes
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Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes

It’s no shocker that the choices we make in the kitchen impact our physical and mental health and wellness. Even more importantly, the food choices we make have a direct impact on the environment. Thankfully, a number of really great food subscription boxes have come to market. Each one is intent on delivering you the highest quality organic food and can really make a difference in your eating, waste and spending habits. Discover the 9 best subscription boxes today and start living a healthy, more eco-friendly lifestyle!

These food delivery services not only make your life easier by eliminating shopping, they help you cut down on waste and discover great new recipes. Each one also values ethical labor practices and environmental sustainability, making your cooking guilt-free. From special occasions to a 3-5 night / week meal plan, there is something for everyone in these gourmet subscription boxes.

1. GreenChef

Ethics: I really adore GreenChef, because they are a company that really lives their ethics. They work with a network of local providers as well as a number of small family farms to supply the fresh, sustainable produce. They also focus on fair labor practices, human animal treatment, natural farming practices, and rigorous quality standards. Even better? They have vegan and vegetarian options available. GreenChef also works only with environmentally conscious and GMO-free producers and package their produce in 100% recycled materials.

Giving Back: GreenChef runs a really cool social media sharing program that allows them to make regular donations to Meals on Wheels Association of America.

How Does It Work?: Choose a menu that fits your lifestyle and GreenChef will send out the ingredients and recipes for 3 personalized meals. Prices vary depending on your needs, but can range from $10-$15 per meal.

Available In: The contiguous US, with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii and limited parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Special Deal: Get 4 free meals when you join GreenChef.

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes

Spark Naturals LLC

2. HelloFresh

Ethics: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of HelloFresh. This recipe box comes packed full of high-quality produce sourced locally and reliably. While not organic, all produce is natural and seasonal, and HelloFresh works hard to source as close as possible in order to cut down on CO2 emissions.

How Does It Work?: Choose the box that best fits your needs and HelloFresh will deliver the ingredients and a range of recipes right to your door. For anywhere from 2-4 people with meals ranging from $8-$10 per person.

Available In: Contiguous US and Mainland UK.

Special Deal: You get $35 off your first box!

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes
There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh, local produce!

3. Sun Basket

Ethics: If you want only the best hand-selected ingredients the Pacific Coast has to offer, then this is the ingredient box for you. Sun Basket uses only organic and non-GM) ingredients that are sourced responsibly, are grass-fed, antibiotic free and sustainable. All their products are also packaged in 100% recycled packaging and they offer gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian options.

Giving Back: Sun Basket offers Employee Programs and gives back through their local food banks.

How Does It Work?: Choose a box for 2-4 people at a set price of $11.49 / meal. Customize the box to your dietary needs and presto! Amazing produce delivered right to your door.

Available In: US excluding: HI, AK, KS, MN, MT, ND, NE, and SD.

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes
Now that’s some good-lookin’ veg!

4. Home Chef

Ethics: Home Chef has a range of ingredient and dining options and only sources from reliable, sustainable sources. All of their suppliers support fair and conscientious labor practices and Home Chef uses only recycled packaging. They also offer 10 dinner options, breakfasts, fruit baskets, and fresh smoothies every week, giving this subscription a bit more bang for its buck.

Giving Back: Home Chef donates all excess ingredients through programs like Zero Perfect and The Greater Chicago Food Depository to ensure extra food ends up with those who need it most — not in the trash.

How Does It Work?: Simply visit their site and choose 1 of the 13 meals plans (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc.) that works for you. Meals average $9.95 each and are delivered to your door each week in an insulated and recyclable box.

Available In: Most of the contiguous US.

Special Deals: You can get $30 off your first box.

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes
Mmm, mmm, mmm!


5. Peach Dish

Ethics: Peach Dish always strives to offer organic products but sadly can’t always do that. They do, however, always supply delicious and conscientious produce. They also never source items with trans-fat which is a god-send in this day and age. While they don’t offer a GF menu, they do have several options that are “free of gluten”.

Giving Back: Peach Dish offer a recycling program for their customers that allows them to send back recyclable packaging.

How Does It Work?: Place your order on Sunday before midnight and 2 meals for 2 people will arrive at your front door! Meals priced around $12.50 or less.

Available In: Contiguous US, minus AK, HI and PR.

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes
Southern-inspired fusion to titillate your taste buds!

6. Purple Carrot

Ethics: Purple Carrot focuses exclusively on plant-based meals, as their focus is on animal welfare and environmental sustainability. These vegan / vegetarian options help to cut down on carbon emissions, protects farmlands, and conserves water. Purple Carrot sources from farmers and food makers and all ingredients come pre-measured to avoid waste — in one recyclable box. Even better? Their products (when possible) are made from post-consumer waste, their plastic is recyclable and BPA-free, and includes biodegradable liners.

How Does It Work: Purple Carrot currently offers 2 options: 1-2 person meals at $68/week with 3 meals, and 3-4 person meals at $74/week with 2 meals. Free shipping is included with each purchase

Available In: Select regions in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and West Coast.

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes

7. Winc

Ethics: Breaking from the traditional recipe / meal box, here is a sustainable wine subscription service that will make any conscientious wine-lover happy. Winc works directly with winemakers and growers to craft their wines, actively supporting those who practice sustainable farming and winemaking. When possible, they source organically grown grapes from vineyards that practice minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process.

Giving Back: Winc partners with Charity Water, Pacifica For the Planet, and Venice Arts for Local Flavor through the sales of their wines.

How Does It Work: Winc asks you a series of questions about your Palate Profile and let’s you personalize your monthly wine deliveries with wine sourced from organic and sustainable grape vineyards. The monthly experience starts at 3 bottles a month for $39 + $6 flat rate shipping.

Available In: US States whose laws allow the shipment of wine. Check your state regulations.

Special Deals: You can get $20 off your first order as well as free shipping on 4 bottles!

Sustainable Consumption: The 7 Best Healthy & Organic Food Subscription Boxes
Who doesn’t love a box of sustainable wine?


So what are you waiting for? Which deals like this there has never been a better time to try a healthy and organic meal subscription box. After all, who doesn’t want to cut down on the time and stress of shopping…all while helping make the planet a better place!

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