“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” – Bob Proctor

You can change your life, but it takes a little initiative and it takes a little know how.

I’ve been changing my life one day at a time for the last ten years and now, I’m ready to start sharing that knowledge with you. From overcoming childhood trauma to learning how to manage our romantic relationships. There’s a lot we can improve in life, but it takes hard work and it takes the support of people who believe in you.

This blog started out about creating the perfect lifestyle, but it’s changed into something much, much more. Shifting from organizing and green living, Lady Vivra is now all about helping you manage a modern lifestyle.

Improve your life and yourself with articles that can help you get back in touch with your authentic life. If you’re looking to improve yourself from the inside out, you’re in the right place. Find your joy again, one enlightening article at a time.

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Learning how to survive and thrive when bad things happen