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Getting Started: Green Living

We read it in the news, we see repeated over-and-over again on programmes like “Years of Living Dangerously”: our world is disappearing, it’s time for green living. It seems like a daunting prospect, but going green is an easy and natural transition that will benefit you in both mind and body. Follow these 5 steps and discover the beauty of green living. 

1. Transportation

This is one of the easiest ways to begin your green living transformation, especially for those in large cities with public transport options. Oil is no longer a sustainable resource, and it is arguably the cause for many of the global atrocities and wars being waged today. By switching to public transport, or investing in a hybrid or electric car, you can massively reduce your own carbon footprint as well as dependency on oil. At the less extreme end, you can opt for simply cycling to and from the places you need to go, or walking on foot if you live even closer to your desired destinations.

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2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We all know this mantra, but do we really follow it? Get your new green life into gear by really acting on these words. Reduce the amount of goods you intake and cut out things that result in waste. For instance, if you find yourself throwing out lots of veggies at the end of a grocery cycle, sit down and have an honest look at your consumption habits. Perhaps you need to order less vegetables? Perhaps you need to vary your cooking habits?

It’s also important to reuse. Containers made of natural materials like glass are great for using again as storage containers and serving ware like cups, votive holders, etc. If you have a bit of extra room in the backyard, you could start your own compost, and start on the viable path to food production simply by using your excess food waste. We also have to remember to recycle goods on a regular basis, and dispose of all recyclable items in the proper places/receptacles/recycling centers.


3. Food

We’ve already talked a little bit about food and food waste, but this is a definite must for going green. When we say green, we’re not just talking about lettuce and celery, there’s an entire new world out there when it comes to green eating. We are, however, talking about reducing and cutting out entirely your meat intake, as the meat industry is one of the most harmful industries on the entire planet.

Try taking the 7-Day Vegan Challenge, and see how changing your diet can not only save the environment, but get you feeling more energized and healthier than ever before.

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4. Shopping

You wouldn’t believe the amount of products that utilize ingredients that are harmful to the environment, nor would you believe the amount of ecosystem that is destroyed each year in pursuit of these ingredients. Palm oil, for example, is located in most beauty and healthcare products, as well as various foodstuffs, and it is now the cause for one of the biggest environmental disasters in history.

Take a few seconds while shopping to read the labels of your favorite products. Do they contain palm oil? Is  there a comparably priced alternative that does not? If you want to find out what products you might already have in your home, start somewhere like this. You can also be away of wasteful shopping, and try to buy organic or locally grown/farmed products.


5. Your Home

This can be the easiest place to start, but is sometimes the most expensive. To bring green living into your home, check into solar panels, and find out if your local government offers any subsidies for adding them to your own home. Many solar panel users are now selling back their excess energy to local energy companies, so not only is it a great way to go green, it’s a great way to make some extra money too.

If you have excess property, think about starting a fruit/vegetable garden, so that you can grow your own excellent produce to use in the kitchen. You can also reconsider the use of compost, or invest in your own wind and water energy.

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There’s a million reasons to go green, but these are just a few to help get you started. For more information on going green, and to get more great tips on living the green lifestyle, check out SuperGreenMe

There’s lots of ways you can go green. Have ideas on how to start living green? Let me know in the comments below!

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