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What is Minimalist Interior Design?

You can hardly stumble across a blog today without running into the term “minimalism”. From web design to interior design, minimalist inspired style is everywhere. But what is minimalist design? Check out this great photo-filled guide to discover just what minimalism is and how you can use it in your home, office and more.


Minimalism was a term first coined in mid 1960’s and used to describe certain styles of artwork. However, the art style became so popular that it was quickly applied to all kinds of things, including fashion, furniture, graphic design and more. Originally, the design came off as severe and even cold, but minimalism has taken on a whole new hue in the modern age and is all about embracing the natural in much, much warmer and softer forms.

While minimalism can be many different things to many different people, it’s basis comes down to this one rule: use simple and natural forms.

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Okay, Lady V, you might be grumbling by now. We’ve got that. But what is it? What does it look like? What is the concrete definition of minimalism and how can I use it in my home? 

To give you a basic visual idea of of what minimalism is, think: spacious rooms with as little furniture and decor.

Less is More

In minimalism, less is more, and your lack of decor is actually decor. Furniture should have stark shapes that stand out and pronounce the furniture, but they should still come in soft textures or warm and natural hues. Asymmetry works well in this style, and other geometric shapes also complement your use of space to create interesting looks. All these aspects lend a clean look to the room, and will sharpen and soften it at the same time.

Like these stunning rooms that use effects such as natural light, natural hues, and interesting geometric shapes to play with the look and feel. 

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Colors are also very, very important when it comes to minimalist design. While white has always been the staple color base for minimalism, it’s no longer the only color that can be used. Sticking with the idea of simple and natural, any neutral colors can be incorporated nicely into this style of design. Think colors like beige, grey, charcoal, light-green; accented with warm earthy tones like burnt sienna, dusky rose, rich browns. Color can also be popped with points of bright red.

Wall decor should be minimal (ha, ha, minimal…get it?), though photos both large and small can be displayed in various ways. Large windows can also open and lighten a space, and when the curtains or blinds are removed, create a feeling of largeness and openness in a smaller space.

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Minimalism is really a living style. It changes with the tastes, trends and fads of the time, as well as the flavors and opinions of the decorators that use it. Maybe your minimalism has a more bohemian, natural feel to it, or perhaps you prefer the more classic and rigid form of minimalism with clean white lines and chrome accents.

Get Started

Whatever it is, minimalism is a great design style, and naturally lends itself to both a stylish and an organized lifestyle. Perfect for the home or office, there are plenty of great resources out there that help you pinpoint your minimalist design tastes and get you started on the road to revamping your interior design.

If you’re interested in trying the minimalist style, I recommend getting started in the office. Stripping this room of excess clutter is a great way to not only get organized, but to help you work more efficiently as well. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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If you don’t have an office, or don’t have free reign to decorate the office that you do have, why not try the most fun room to revamp? The bedroom! Here are a few great ideas for minimalist bedroom design.

What all design comes down to is what works for you. Whether minimal or maximum, make sure your home is one that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart!

Have more great ideas for minimalist design? Have tips on getting started? Let me know in the comments below!

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