The Simple Morning Routine that will Transform Your Life

It’s the secret that successful people have been hoarding, and now it’s yours. Discover the simple morning routine that will save you time, transform your life and leave you feeling better than ever.

This morning routine takes only 24-minutes, but the impact is dazzling. Many of these steps may already be a part of your morning routine. By following these 7 steps you can now upgrade your mornings from mundane to amazing and completely transform your life.

1. Brush Your Teeth (2 Minutes)

It’s not the most pleasant thought, but our mouths dry out at night and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Brushing your teeth first thing in the morning is a great way to expel those pesky bacteria and leave yourself feeling healthier. The invigorating flavor will also help you feel more awake and alert.

2. Drink Water (1 Minute)

After you brush your teeth, pour yourself a large glass of water and drink it. Water is a necessity for healthy cells (duh), and if you’re not drinking enough water, your cells aren’t working right. That means brain cells and muscle cells too. If you like, add fresh lemon or lime for additional flavor and digestive benefits.

3. Meditate (7 Minutes)

This is, probably, one of the most important aspects of this life-changing morning routine.

When people hear the word “meditate”, they imagine an arduous process that will take them 25, 35, even 45 minutes or more before they see results. Long meditation breaks, however, are not needed to start enjoying the benefits of a clear head first thing in the morning.

By meditating just 7-10 minutes in a quiet space, you will be able to clear your head and approach your day with a more peaceful and calm demeanor. Simply close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Let your mind just fill with fog and let everything fall away. The time will pass away before you know it and you’ll find yourself dying to begin your day.

4. Focus (5 Minutes)

This one isn’t so much about checking your schedule for the day as it is setting your mind on what needs to happen for the day. Using a notebook or journal, list the tasks that you must complete that day. Prioritize them in order of importance and then quickly envision how you are going to approach tackling each task. This way, with your newly cleared mind,  you can get yourself in a positive mindset for the day, and put yourself in a place of control over its events. If you don’t have any tasks set for the day, simply try 5 minutes of mindfulness journaling; perhaps listing things you are thankful for, or making lists of goals you hope to achieve one day.

5. Exercise (7 Minutes)

Exercising is probably one of the best and most important aspects of any day. Getting your muscles warm and your blood flowing is a great way to boost your energy and your endorphins, making you happier and more resilient.

6. Stretch (2 Minutes)

Stretching doesn’t need to be strenuous. In fact, it’s important that it’s not. If you’re just starting out, leave a bit more time for this step (think 7-minutes) try a simple Sun Salutation or basic stretching routine. If you’re already a bit of a fitness guru, invest in a more advanced yoga or pilates program that really gets into deep stretching.

And there you have it! A simple and quick morning routine that will change your life. Try this routine for two weeks then stop to reassess how you feel. Are your mornings happier or more relaxed? Are you finding yourself dealing better with spontaneous pressures encountered throughout the day? Be honest and don’t be afraid to modify the routine to fit your needs! 


Have you tried this routine? Have a different routine that’s changed your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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