The Best and Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

The Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

Thinking of giving your home an organizational makeover? Then you have to check out this list of the smartest, low-cost home organizing ideas. You’ll be grateful that you did! 

The Twisthanger

This super affordable hanger ($8) is a great way to save on space in your already-jam-packed closet. This incredible hanger hooks to your closet rod and features six clips, which keeps belts, scarves and other accessories organized in minimal space.

Rack It Up

Organize that sewing cabinet by using a wooden plate rack to organize yarn. Simply slide the yarn onto the pegs and voila!

Junk No More

Tackle that junk drawer by getting your hands on an Everything Organizer. Only $10, this organizer features two stacking levels and 23 compartments. Just enough space for all those batteries, unidentified keys and other miscellaneous brick-a-brack cluttering up your drawers.

The Best and Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

DIY Drawers

Create customizable drawer dividers by using old shoe boxes and check boxes to organize those pesky drawers.

Easy Bedding

You can tie colorful ribbons around matching sheets sets to keep them neat and organized. Never go hunting for that matching pillowcase again!

The Best and Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

Instructive Home Organizing

Save those desperately needed instruction manuals by punching holes in them and storing them in three ring binders. Never go hunting for that TV manual again with this easy home organizing solution.

Boot Up

Organize that massive shoe collection, but leave them easily accessible, by investing in the handy-dandy Linen Drop-Front Shoe Boxes from The Container Store ($15).

Mix It Up

You can use a 3 tiered, wire hanging kitchen basket in your closet for extra storage. Great for belts, scarves, bags and other miscellaneous accouterment!

Hanging Around

Don’t get your closet all cluttered with a different mix of hangers. Instead, pick one type of hanger (wire, wood, plastic, etc.) and use only that type of hanger. This simple change is one of the best ways to easily transform the look and feel of your closet space.

The Best and Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

Nailed It

Use small, silver nails to easily organize for your favorite necklaces. This will keep them easily accessible and beautifully displayed!

Collapsing Storage

You can use collapsible fabric storage in your children’s closets to organize outfits for every day of the week. Keep it simple while keeping it clean!

The Best and Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

Off Season

For off-season storage consider investing in shrink-wrap storage. This will save you space and time. You can grab one of these space-savers for about $10 on Amazon.

Cascading Organization

Joy Mangano Cascading Hooks ($8 for 20, slide over hangers, allowing you to hang multiple garments (and put together entire outfits) with ease.

Designation Station

In your linen closet, designate one shelf for party essentials. Here you can store candles, napkins, place cards, etc. If you begin to stray, it’s time to throw stuff away!

Photo Storage

Store your snapshots in a Havana box. These boxes are acid-free and feature windows for all your labeling needs. It’s the perfect way to store your memories and photo keepsakes.

The Best and Smartest Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas

Battery Investment

You should invest in a battery organizer to keep all those batteries in one place. Never go digging through drunk drawers again with a Battery Rack Organizer from The Container Store ($20).

Divide and Conquer

Use shelf dividers to keep those closets looking cleaner than ever before. These allow you to customize your closet storage while keeping sweaters and jeans neatly organized. Even better? You can grab 2 for only $7.


Have more great low-cost home organizing ideas? Let me know what your favorites are in the replies below. Who knows? Maybe your pick will be shared with the world!

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